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Friday, September 6, 2013

Teen Mom 3 S1 Episode 3 Recap!

Teen Mom 3 Season 1 Episode 3:
"Growing Up Fast"

This week we get to see Nova's father interact with Briana and Nova. Briana and Devoin talk and she tells him about the court order that she was pursuing in last weeks episode and Devoin seems quite confused on why that action was taken. She proceeds to tell him that she dismissed it but is firm with how Devoin needs to respect her more and treat her as the mother of his (Adorable) daughter.

Briana still struggles with co-parenting with Devoin without her feelings about him getting in the way. Briana's mother Roxanne seemed to have a little faith in Devoin and suggested he comes over and watches Nova by himself for an hour. Briana hesitated but decided to try it out. (Briana tells him they went grocery shopping but really stay in the front of the house the whole time) Devoin makes an attempt to take care of nova (who cries right after Briana leaves) He seemed to try to calm her down even though he appeared to be stressed out. Briana comes back inside after receiving a phone call from Devoin about Nova getting sick after eating. 

This week we see Katie and Joey getting a long a lot better than last weeks episode (at first) and Joey picked up more hours at his coal mining job so they can start saving money. Katie and Joey decide it is time to look for a bigger and better place to live.

They find the perfect apartment and things start to look up for them until Katie and Joey argue over money issues (Joey owes a friend $400 over an old cell phone plan). Katie has doubts about her and Joey's recent engagement because of how things have been. Katie and joey get in a heated argument ending with Joey leaving for work and telling Katie it was over. (Leaving Katie very upset)

Even though Josh has surprised Mackenzie by saying in last weeks episode that he does not in fact want to move into Mackenzie's house; the couple has decided on how to work on things to better themselves for their son, Gannon. Josh and Mackenzie make a plan for Josh to stay 1 night a week over at Mackenzie's house. The couple may have a child together but Mackenzie's mom still does not want them sleeping in the same room (or bed) and expects Mackenzie to wait to have sexual contact until after she is married. Mackenzie's mother gets saddened and confused feelings when Mackenzie comes out to her about getting on Birth Control (IUD) Mackenzie and her mom talk about why she decided to get on BC and why she should wait till marriage. Mackenzie said the birth control was only for safety just in case something happens and not to just be able to have sex whenever they want.

This week Alex and her baby daddy Matt still struggle to get along and Matt be able to actually help out with household duties and to take care of Arabella since Matt is living with Alex and her family (Currently in the show). Matt and Alex argue a lot and matt takes off. Alex and her mom discuss how things are going and her mom tells her that she needs to apologize and not be so hard on him all the time. Matt and Alex than go to a therapy session where Alex does most of the talking and matt just disagree's or agree's the whole time. 

According to Alex next weeks episode is going to be intense for the both of them. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Catelynn & Tyler Visit Carly!

It is amazing how the time has flown by since the bittersweet episode of 16 and Pregnant aired in which Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra selflessly placed their daughter for adoption. Thankfully and amazingly Catelynn and Tyler are allowed visits with Carly once a year and are updated with photos. 

Catelynn and Tyler met up with adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa for their 4th year visit on September first and could hardly contain their excitement. "It's always surreal seeing her live the life me & @CatelynnLowell chose for her. If anyone deserves that life it's that Angel #4yearvisit" Tyler tweeted on Sunday. "Well today's the day!! Going to see my little lady!! Carly we love u so much so excited to see you!!!" Catelynn tweeted. 

Today September 2nd Catelynn and Tyler are spending the day at the zoo with Carly no doubt making memories that they will all hold dearly for the rest of their lives! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet Ryan Edwards New Girlfriend!

That's right ladies, 'Teen Mom' stud Ryan Edwards is now taken! Lets all cry for a quick minute... and we're done. Ryan Edwards has been on the single/dating scene for quite a while now, ever since his rough break up from Dalis Connell last year. Who by the way claims that Ryan cheated on her while she was visiting her dying mother in the hospital! Yikes. 

However it looks like Ryan has finally moved on into another serious relationship with a lovely brunette named Shelby Woods. Things seem to be serious anyway considering she has already joined Ryan and Bentley on a family trip. I'm not sure just how long the two have been seeing each other considering the first I've seen of her has been this past week. 

It's interesting timing also, Maci and Ryan never seem to be single at the same time and as he enters into a new relationship it's rumored that Maci is ending hers with long distance boyfriend Taylor!

Farrah Abraham Will NOT Appear on 'Days of Our Lives'


When these two awesome videos of Farrah Abraham auditioning for the roll of a sugar baby on 'Days of Our Lives' hit the web, I think we all had high hopes we could see that actually happen! While the first video is painful to watch, the second is much better, sadly we wont be able to see Farrah's unique presence on the show. According to GossipCop the network says the reports about Farrah landing the role of a "hooker" on 'Days of our lives' are completely untrue. 

Teen Mom 3 Premiere Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

MTV kicked off the new series Teen Mom 3 with 2 back to back episodes. Meet Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella and Briana Dejesus: The girls of Teen Mom 3. 

Teen Mom 3 Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 "Hope for the Best" & "Second Thoughts"

Briana and daughter Nova are living with Briana's mother and sister who are extremely supportive. Briana's baby daddy however isn't on the same page. Devoin is busy mean tweeting Briana and talking badly about her. Briana got approved for a government program called WIC, since Devoin isn't being helpful, which pays for formula, baby food, bread etc. Brittany, Briana's sister, is giving up her free time and boyfriend opportunities to help out and be the world's best aunt! 

Briana decides to take legal action against Devoin for bullying her online but decides to drop the order of protection so that she can keep the peace and encourage him to do the right thing for his daughter. 

Briana and her mom take an infant CPR class, which is awesome and I really wish more parents did this! Meanwhile Devoin talks to his friends about how he hasn't seen his daughter at all and how upset he is that he isn't on the birth certificate. ..

Brittany watches Nova while Briana and her mother go to court and dismiss the order of protection and they discuss the importance of Devoin treating Briana with respect and learning to be a good father. 

Instead of heading off to Denver for college Katie ended up living with her boyfriend Joey and taking classes online. Joey is a coal miner who works the overnight shift in a dangerous environment to support his family. 

Joey and Katie share Katie's car so when Joey's aunt accidentally backed up into the car while Joey was driving Katie got really upset especially since he didn't get his aunt's insurance information. Katie repeatedly asks Joey to call his aunt and get the car taken care of but he brushes her off. Since Katie is under her mother's car insurance she had to call the police and file a report about the accident. Joey doesn't get out of bed to talk to the officer, so Katie has to give them his license. Joey and Katie apologize to each other about the way they spoke to one another but they don't look happy about it. 

Sometime later Joey asks Katie if she wants to go out on a date with him. Molli is four months old and they haven't been out since she was born so they agree it's a good idea. Katie heads out to work for a few hours while Josh heads to the restaurant he's taking Katie to. He tells them he is planning to propose to Katie and wants them to do something special with the ring to surprise her. Katie has a friend who does makeup so she gets her makeup done for the night. 

They go to a cute restaurant and when desert is served there is a special surprise on top of Katie's cheesecake. Joey quietly asks her to marry him and she immediately says yes. They look a little awkward and giggly but it was still pretty cute. 

Not long after having baby Gannon Mackenzie was back to cheer-leading while Josh continues to look for a job. Mackenzie and Josh live separately with their parents, which seems to cause them to fight. On their 2 year anniversary date Mackenzie talks about marriage but Josh is less than enthusiastic. He doesn't seem to even want to be out with her. 

Mackenzie confronts him about his attitude and he tells her he gets angry because she gets upset over every little thing. When at his house she asks if he wants her and the baby to leave, he says he doesn't care. Mackenzie has the feeling their relationship is close to being over and was on the verge of giving up when Josh texted her telling her that he loves her and wants to work things out. 

Mackenzie continues to focus most of her energy on Cheer-leading even though Josh isn't allowed to do his rodeos anymore. The couple get some more free time to go ride horses together and talk things over. Mackenzie thinks they would get along better if they lived together. Josh is applying for a job that would be close by but unfortunately he doesn't get it. Mackenzie still wants him to move in though, so her mom explains that they will have to sleep in separate rooms. 

While talking with Mackenzie's parents Josh reveals that he would like to live on his own without Mackenzie until she gets out of highschool, to which she looks completely shocked. 

Alex is busy working three jobs to support her daughter while Matt is in rehab to get help for his drug addictions. She is also working on getting her high school diploma online. Alex and her family take Matt into their home when he gets out of his rehab program and he looks much healthier. (He cut his hair too thank God!) There are rules though, he has to clean up after himself and do chores. When he arrives home he immediately picks up his baby girl which is sweet... but then he kind of drops her on the table by accident. Oh new parents! 

It doesn't take Matt long to slack on his housework so Alex's mom has a sit down talk with him. She explains to him that she is proud of him for completing rehab and getting his GED but he needs to pitch in and be on the same page. He agrees but these ladies aren't convinced. 

Thankfully Matt starts to help out more around the house and with their daughter, so Alex's mom offers to watch the baby while they go out. They have a great time bowling together but afterward Matt wants to get food from his favorite place in the bad part of town. He gets really excited to see all the drug dealing and his old hang out spots. Alex runs into a convenient store for a drink and some candy and when he comes out he's missing $10. Alex assumes the worst (that he probably bought drugs, although I'm not sure how much of anything you'll get with ten bucks). Alex immediately freaks out on him. 

In the opening of episode 2 we find out that Alex is a whopping 200 assignments behind in her online high school diploma class. She's just so overwhelmed with taking care of her daughter, working three jobs, worrying about Matt and finding time for school. Alex tends to freak out on Matt every time he leaves the house. She wants to trust him but she's terrified he will use drugs if she isn't watching him every second.