Thursday, November 17, 2011

Midnight Maddness

Catelynn and Tyler are doing a meet & greet on Black Friday from midnight to one am to sell fragrances for Rue 21.  It will be held at the Rue 21 in the Waterside Marketplace Shopping Center. Here is the full address: 

In order to get a signed photo with Cate and Ty you must purchase a fragrance. These fragrances are not expensive don't worry! (About $10)

Cate and Ty have made it clear. "No Frag. No Pic"


Happy Birthday Gary!

Today is Gary Shirley's 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday dude!

Here is some cake just for you!

(Okay so its cake from my fiances birthday last year but you get the idea.) 

If you want to do a little something for Gary for his Birthday check out his T-Shirt line and show some love!

Jenelle loves the Camera

Jenelle had 2 photo-shoots today one of which for US Weekly and another in Wilmington. Here are a couple photos she posted to her fan page:

Jenelle recently did a couple photo-shoots with MRay Photography. Which you can find here:

I think Jenelle secretly wants a modeling career. You go girl. 

Teen Mom 2 Season 2

I was having a hard time deciding what my first post should be. I decided to do an entry about the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 trailer. A quick recap of what went down and what we are expected to see on this season of Teen Mom 2.

The Trailer was full of drama and tears. This season is going to be one that I will probably need a tissue box for every single episode. Here is a recap of what was shown of each girl in the trailer.


It looks like this season will continue to follow the rough and rocky relationship between Chelsea and Adam. There is one scene of the couple on Adam's motorcycle flying down a highway all smiles, another scene of Adam and Chelsea playing with Aubree. (who is so freaking adorable) Unfortunately though it looks like there are more bad times than good. Many parts of the trailer are of Chelsea crying and Adam looking all angry. At one point she is in a hospital bed and the two of them are arguing. One good thing that happens to Chelsea this season is that she finally passes her GED test. I'm personally hoping to see her go to school for cosmetology.


Oh Jenelle. She had a rough year. Fights with her mother, Kieffer, and most likely herself. One disturbing part of the trailer shows Kieffer get a little too rough with Jenelle while drinking. From the looks of it she presses charges against him and Hallelujah to that. Unfortunately though it looks like due to getting caught with the Kieffster she gets kicked out of her moms house once again. There was a nice little scene of Jenelle, Jace, and Barb opening gifts on Christmas though and the Trailer ends on Jenelle's part with her heading off to rehab to get her life straightened out.


Leah and Corey have gone through so much. To me its disturbing and sad that I am so looking forward to seeing their story, because I know its going to be hard for them to relive all that has happened. Ali goes through more medical testing and her parents are clearly in turmoil over their daughters medical situation. As if dealing with twins, and Ali's health and fighting to be a couple again wasn't enough the two just couldn't seem to make it work. One clip shows Leah crying and Corey's father Jeff asking him if Leah cheated on him again. To which Corey replies "yup." Leah files for a divorce this season. This makes me so sad as I'm sure it makes everyone else who watches the show just as sad. To watch this couple go through all they have and to see their emotional wedding and have the first season end on such a high note for them... its painful to see them break up. There is a rather pathetic and sad clip of Corey sitting in their empty home alone. Leah's story will make me sob uncontrollably this season, no doubt.


One tough cookie. Kail struggles to be an independent single mother juggling school, work, Issac, and her relationship with Jordan. She totals her car (which sucks, ugh I feel for her). Jordan has trust issues with Kail being alone with Jo and at one point it looks as though Kail explains to Jordan that she was with Jo and things "went a little farther then they should have." Then it cuts to a shot of Jordan saying "I'm done" and walking out the door. The trailer doesn't show as much of Kail as I would have liked. It ends with her sitting on the couch with Issac (crying it looks like) telling him that his "daddy is just going to have to keep paying child support" Which Issac totally agreed with. :)

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 airs December 6th 2011 at 10pm on MTV. 
View the trailer on the MTV website here:


Hello Everyone! 
You may know me from my facebook fan page ( I'm very proud of my fan page and after seeing the success of it a lot of really awesome appreciative Teen Mom fans advised me to start a website of my own, since I was so updated on the shows.

I thought about doing a website. I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to do one. Websites take time, work, money etc. I have a 19 month old son so I'm sorry I don't have time for that! I do however have time to write blog entries and post them in a quick and orderly fashion on this great blog site. My posts will mostly be at night after my beautiful little one goes to bed. So that I have time to really focus on giving good blog entries. It's so much easier and will save me lots of time. Anyone who is a mom will understand!

I know there are quite a few Teen Mom blogs out there. I do not want to compete or anything like that! I'm not in it to be famous or to outdo any other blogs/ sites. This is a fun hobby for me and if you like the shows Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 I hope that you will enjoy this blog. 
First post coming soon!