Friday, November 18, 2011

Tweets of Interest

Some tweets I found interesting 

I like this one, I really do think that some people just jump in and of relationships and that is never good. Try not to take too much time pining over the one you lost though, instead enjoy the single life and learn to be more independent. You will be much happier that way!

This one is by Leah's mom. With that said... jiggahwhatnow? Did Jeremy buy Leah a car!? Well if that is the case then you have found yourself a keeper little lady! 

I love Farrah. I wonder is she is getting free things for shouting out all these businesses that she has been lately. That would be pretty awesome and smart if you ask me! Keep on being successful and awesome Farrah! 

Kail are you in NYC again?  Kailyn has been traveling like crazy lately. NY trip for the Teen Mom after shows, then Vegas to visit her friend Toni who then took a road trip with her to California for a NOH8 photo-shoot. She never stops running around! Kailyn is about to join Jenelle on the Road to Redemption Tour to do some public speaking. I love that the girls are getting involved in things bigger then themselves. It really shows who they are. 

I think she meant to say "can't" which would make more sense to me. I can't even watch her 16 & Pregnant without bawling all over the place. 

Well those are the tweets of interest for right now. I might make this a daily post depending on if the girls/ guys of Teen Mom have interesting things to say. Hope you enjoyed it!