Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teen Birth Rate at a Record Low

I ran into this article today stating that the Teen birth rate in the US is at a record low. 
In 2010, there were 34.3 births for every 1,000 teens. That's a 9% drop from 2009
Could this be because of shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom?
Well maybe. The research didn't include why the teen birth rate has declined but I think its safe to say that these shows aren't hurting anything. A lot of people argue that the shows glamorize teen pregnancy. If that were the case I would think the rate would go up don't you?
Honestly I think the shows do make certain aspects of their lives look more glamorous or interesting. For instance... not all teen parents have rich parents, not all teen mothers can get their hair colored and done up all the time. Not all teen parents can get their nails done and go out to eat every week... and not all teen parents have crazy dramatic relationships. The shows do glamorize... a bit.
BUT the fact that the shows are so popular makes parents more aware of what their teens are exposed to. I think that it has helped parents be more open with talking to their kids about sex education.It's also made information about sex/contraceptives more easily available to teens.
So while the lives of some of these Teen Moms look glamorous... I think the shows have overall done a good job of preventing teen pregnancy.

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Teen Mom 3?

According to The Teen Mom Spot there is a possibility of a Teen Mom 3. Apparently when MTV contacted the girls of 16 & Pregnant Season 3 for the "Where are they now" special they were asked if they would be interested in possibly doing Teen Mom. (If they decide to make a Teen Mom 3) 

Honestly I feel like 16 & Pregnant should just end already. Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant is done filming and I've heard season 5 as well. Okay enough is enough MTV! With that said... I would watch Teen Mom 3. Can't help it. I am more interested in Teen Mom than 16 & Pregnant. 

Now the question is... who will be featured? I had to go back and refresh my memory of who was on Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. I didn't pay much attention...

Here are my personal favorites, that I would choose for Teen Mom 3:

Jordan Ward

Remember her? She was the one with the twin sister. I liked her from the start. I thought it was kind of weird how much her sister was devastated by the fact she might be "replaced" by Jordan's man. I sure hope she has grown up and is more understanding now! It seems that way (from the few tweets I read from them). Anywho, Jordan just had her second child and I think it would be really interesting to watch someone who has 2 children because statistically that's what happens when you are a teen parent. I feel that her story would be realistic and interesting to watch!

Taylor Lumas

This was the girl that was 14 when she got pregnant. I remember liking her episode and I feel that her story is intriguing because she is so crazy young. (Honestly though... that's pretty much all I remember about her episode..)

Allison Mendoza

This girl's episode was the Season Finale and by far the best. This was the girl who lived with her boyfriend and his family and had a really hard time dealing with his crazy drug addict mother. I'm kind of dying to know what happened with her. I really liked her boyfriend too. He protected her and that says a lot about his character. This is one story I wouldn't want to miss.

I'm finding it really difficult to pick a fourth person. Maybe because I didn't watch that season as intently as I do Teen Mom. I'll tell you who I don't want to see though: Jennifer Del Rio or Kianna Randall. Both of these people rub me the wrong way. Both of these ladies have too much drama, (if that is even possible) and I feel like the attention of Teen Mom would cause them more trouble than anything else.

Well those are my thoughts. What are yours?