Monday, November 21, 2011

Momma Dawn Tweets Up a Storm

If you aren't following Dawn (Leah Messer's mother) on Twitter you really need to!
This lovely lady tweets a lot and she gives me endless entertainment. Here are some of the more awesome tweets by Dawn: 

 (Something I didn't know about Dawn ^)

 This one ^ is in reference to Leah getting an awesome new car. I seriously think people forget that they get paid to be on the show... If you can afford a nice, safe car to drive your two kids around in wouldn't you get one? From twitter it looks like her boyfriend Jeremy bought it for her, but really is it anyone's business?

Well said Momma Dawn.

 You tell em!

Note to self: Don't piss off Dawn....

That is exactly right. We will all see what happened on the show when it airs this December.  (what MTV decides to show of it anyway...) So people need to take a chill pill. I think everyone forgets that they are all real people.

Anyway, thanks Dawn for the great tweets, I will continue to be a loyal follower! Follow Leah's mom here:

Bentley loves Kindermusik!

We all know that Maci is a great mom. She seems to be always taking Bentley to cool places and teaching him new things. Maci tweeted earlier today: "#kindermusik is so coool! bentley love it!" 
I was like "what the hell is kindermusik?" so I looked it up! 

Kindermusik offers a variety of music classes for different age groups, there are locations all over the place. 
"Children learn and grow through play, with other children, teachers, and
you. Led by our skilled educators, Kindermusik's research-based
programs will enhance your child's development and instill a lifelong
love of music." 

The classes aren't too expensive either. Of course I looked up classes for my 19 month old, it came to about $200 for 14 45 minute classes.

I love this. I am all about music being a big part of a child's (and an adult's) life. Thanks Maci for pointing out this program!

Teen Mom Trading Cards

Okay so I know that everyone and their mother has made a blog post about this but I HAD to post it. 
 Teen Mom Trading Cards.....

Here is the Product Description:
"A set of trading cards featuring the cast of Teen Mom (the first season, aka the best season), printed on thick 16pt stock. Great print quality and a smooth satin finish. Trade with your friends!
Each set features seven cards, one of each cast member. The back of each card is monogrammed with the the trading card logo. Free shipping in the USA. Each set is printed to order, so allow 1-2 weeks for shipping."

They are a bit harsh... but funny. If you have a sense of humor and are a Teen Mom fan you will enjoy these.
Here is the site: Buy Teen Mom Trading Cards

PS: It looks like Catelynn's name is spelled wrong on hers... Woopsie.

Jenelle Straightens Up

Jenelle Evans has certainly started to turn things around for herself. 
Last week she finished up her anger management classes and has her last day of Parenting Classes today. 
She is working on getting Jace's custody back very soon. 
I have to say I am so happy about this turn around. I have been rooting for her for a long time. I have really gotten upset every time she has taken 1 step forward 2 steps back but for a while now she has been only making steps forward. She has been passing every drug test, going to every PO meeting and doing well in school. She is living in a nice home where Jace has a room. She has really started to show that she CAN do all the things she wants to accomplish.
Great job Jenelle! Don't let us all down. Keep up the good work and be the best mom you can be to Jace.