Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cafemom Slams Kailyn

Cafemom is a site that has many random women writing blogs about a variety of things. I have read a lot of posts about the Teen Moms on here. I have yet to run into one that was positive.I don't know what it is about these women that make them hate the Teen Mom girls so much but apparently they do. 

A blog post was made about Kailyn and her son Isaac's clothing line. (Click here for Isaac's clothing line) The post was written by a woman named Jeanne. She claims that Kailyn is "cashing in on her kid." She even goes as far as to mention the fact that she is doing public speaking in a negative way.

Well here is what I say to that... Suck It.
Kailyn works hard for what she has. She is one of the more responsible moms on the show. I don't think that enough of the girls of Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 invest in other business ventures. They need to pave way for their futures beyond Teen Mom. If Kailyn even profits from this clothing line then good for her!

Not only is the article incredibly rude but its inaccurate.  If you are going to trash the Teen Moms at least get your story straight. Isaac's aunt is the creator of the line. Not just some random designer that convinced a random celebrity to hand over their child. If I had a family member willing to do a clothing line for my adorable son then you better believe I would be all over that.

I love the fact that Kailyn is doing other things with her and Isaac's life. Establishing herself as a good public speaker, getting an education, working, taking excellent care of her child. What more do people want from her?

I think the thing that bothers me the most is that this person was so fixated on how much money the girls of Teen Mom make. 1. It's nobody's business. 2. Teen Mom isn't going to last forever. These ladies need to take some tips from Farrah. I see her doing business all the time. She has 2 books coming out, she still models, is creating a culinary career for herself. She is the one Teen Mom that is using fame for all it's worth, and in my opinion that is the smartest possible thing she could be doing. They need to be planning for the future beyond Teen Mom.

So who cares if Kailyn makes money off of this or not? I hope she does. I hope its a lot too! I hope she gets paid for every appearance she makes as well. Anyone who feels differently is delusional about how the world works!

Meet Henrie!

Meet Henry. The adorable boxer pup that Maci, Kyle, and Bentley rescued from an animal shelter! 
Bentley came up with the name for him. 

I'm so happy to see that this puppy was a rescue. Make sure to educate yourself about puppy mills and the difference between a pet store puppy and an animal shelter rescue.
Good for you Bentley! You now have an adorable little companion! Good luck with the house training!

Jenelle and Amber Have a Fight

After posting a nice blog post about Jenelle making good choices and heading in the right direction, I sign on to facebook today to a new batch of drama. At least this time it's not Jenelle making bad choices, its her roommate Amber. Apparently they had a falling out over Amber's boyfriend trying to live at their house. Here is what Jenelle posted on her fan page on facebook: 

"this is the latest scooppp... me and amber arent friends no more BECUZ im on probation.. as everyone knows.. anddddd she wants her current b, who JUST CHEATED ON HER when we went to NYC, to live at our house. well my PO stopped by last night and seen his truck and said if i see yu and him over here together then yu guys are going to jail. well i tell amber and him "im sorry but he cant live here and be here while i am no more" and she literally FLIPPED OUT on me and told me "im not changing MY life for yu" when she KNEW my terms of probation before we even moved in together... like wtf. then thats when she got mad, woke brantlee.. her son... up and took him to a hotel with him. i said "amber yu DONT have to leave" and shes like "yes i do since he isnt allowed here" like come the fuck on now. now its weird becuz we still live together. :[ have a little respect for yr child and let him sleep... there arent even cribs at the hotels around here so he sleeps on the floor?!!!!"

Today Jenelle has also posted 2 random phone numbers on her page. Jenelle is famous for posting the numbers of people that she wants harassed by her fans. I'm guessing these phone numbers have to do with this blowout with Amber. As much as I am on her side about this.. Jenelle stop posting people's phone numbers. It's really upsetting to me that the girls of Teen Mom 2 make every fight they have public. They make sure to get an article written about it, put the other person on blast and make it a huge public display of immaturity. Some things should just be kept private. You don't want to burn those bridges so quickly!


Update: Jenelle posted this to her fan page today: "NYC with tori next weekend !!!!!! Ahhhhhhh !!!! Amber I didn't sell no stories about u lmao u aren't that important to society stop stalking my fanpage" and "Ew amber U were in a "rainbow" club ? Didn't know u liked girls"

No you didn't sell your story Jenelle, you just gave it away to a "writer" you don't even get along with. Time to be mature Jenelle. Amber was in the wrong about the whole boyfriend thing but you are in the wrong by making this whole thing a big public circus. Show us you can be the bigger person for once!