Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Congratulations Amy!

Big news was just announced on Leah's Fan Page:
"CONGRATULATIONS! Amy is going to be a MOMMY"
Amy posted to her fan page: "Im going to be a Mommy (: Just found out today! My husband cried! Im so excited! Due date will be around July 2012! <33"

For those who don't know, Amy is the friend of Leah's that runs her fan page and has become very close to Leah over the past couple years. Now let's just hope she doesn't have the same surprise that Leah got... :) Congratulations Amy! Welcome to motherhood. <3

Amy's Facebook Fan Page

Update: Amy posted this to Leah's Fan Page Thanking everyone for the congratulations.
"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the "Congrats" I have received since finding out I was pregnant yesterday. My Husband and I are very excited. We had been trying for 2 yrs off and on with no success, so to see 3 positive HPT's and a positive blood test makes us very happy :) All of our friends are excited too ♥ Leah & Dawn even cried for me, I cant wait to hear a heart beat in a few weeks. Thanks again everybody, Love - Amy LaDawn"

The Great Christmas Debate!

Maci asked a while ago if it was too early for Christmas Decorations. Well this sparked a little debate on my fan page. I personally believe Christmas should be spread out for as long as possible! Favorite Holiday. Thanksgiving has now become Christmas Part One. (Thank you Lewis Black for that joke.)

Well Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am getting out ALL of my decorations and putting them up tomorrow night. It looks like Leah's mom Dawn has beat me to it though. She tweeted these pictures last night:

What do you think? Is it too early for Christmas? I'm gonna say no... but that's just me!