Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update on Amy's Pregnancy

I made a post not long ago with the news of Amy LaDawn's pregnancy. (Leah Messer's good friend)
Well it seems as though she has been having some complications...

She posted this to her personal facebook Saturday: 

"Well back from another night at the ER, Everyone please pray for me and lil peanut. My hormones are rising but its taking a lil while, Got good news tonight though, I havent miscarried yet, so Im staying positive despite the spotting and bleeding. They say it can be normal since Im not having any pain associated with it and its still so early on..Im only a few weeks at most like less than 5, they are surprised I even founf out this early. I guess I just had good timing. I wasnt going to say anything but I cant just avoid FB but the prayers would be greatly appreciated. ♥ Im going to stay strong...I just have to stay off my feet for a few days and relax and let my body do what it needs to I suppose."

She posted this to her fan page today: 

"I know most of you dont know whats going on unless you subscribe to my personal page (http://www.facebook.com/AmyLaDawn) but...I have been have some complications to say the least. :/ 
After waiting so ever anxiously for the Dr to call today, now Im left a little confused.. My Hcg went up from 116 Fri to 155 Monday, not sure why its rising so slow other than the progesterone deficiency.. but as of yesterday I am on hormonal treatments 400mg of Prometruim a day..for that to try and save my pregnancy. I go back Thursday for another Beta (hcG blood count). It will have been about 72 hours since my last test, and with the hormones this time around, so unless I see a result of at least 300, it may be like beating a dead horse. Although, my baby is obviously trying to hold on and this Mommy is very happy about that, just trying to stay positive about everything at this point. And considering I have NO freakin clue how far along I am none of us know if this is an acceptable level. All I know right now is that Im not doubling. Which could turn around with the hormones, but Im not sure. All I know now is that if something does happen, next time around I will be prepared with hormones from the get go. Thank you all for your loving words and support. I hope everything makes a 360 and becomes a miracle at this point. ♥" 

Lets all keep Amy in our prayers... Good luck dear. <3

UPDATE: Sad news... Amy posted this to her facebook:
"Goodbye my sweet Angel in heaven. Just know that mommy loved you from the time I found out I had you, I wish I wouldve gotten to hold you in my arms one day, but I know my Mother in heaven will hold you for me till I get there. </3 I always love you & youll always be a part of me. :'(" -Amy

Gary and Leah in the Holiday Spirit

Gary posted this hilarious photo to twitter today:

Of course the jokes are endless. People are really having a great time at Gary's expense but I have to admire him for this. I still wont sit on Santa's lap! He did this for Leah and its the sweetest thing.

It's nice that he can laugh at himself this way and it shows he is getting a lot of joy out of life!

 He also posted this photo of Leah in some adorable Christmas PJs

Last year Amber and Gary were able to come together to decorate their Christmas tree as a family. I'm hoping they do the same this year. And even though it seems that Gary has gone out with a girl recently to see "Twilight" (according to his twitter), they were able to once again come together as a family this year for Thanksgiving. Enjoying the day together, Amber, Gary and Leah had dinner at Amber's grandparents house. So good luck to them! I hope they can keep things cheery for Christmas!

Check out Amber's Official Facebook Fan Page! Click the photo of Amber and Leah below!