Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farrah's Success

Farrah is my favorite young woman from the show.
Lately she has really shown that she is going to be a successful business woman!
She tweeted yesterday: "I just met with  can"t wait to have ladies sparkling with Jewelry:) nation wide xo" Is this yet another business venture for the teen mom? So far she has hinted that she is working on a work out DVD, Perfume line, a cook book, a book about her life, a jewelry line, and a cooking show! Now the show I'm so sure about but she has made some cooking videos that you can watch on her website:

That isn't all she has been up to though! From what I see on twitter she has made a lot of appearances with Sophia (around Halloween the two were going to a lot of parties and making appearances.), Farrah and Sophia also modeled in a recent event for Moms Advice Magazine. (which she was also on the cover of), I have seen her promoting a ton of online businesses and she is still modeling and finishing her culinary education. She also wants to open a restaurant one day.

I honestly don't know how she does it all. I can say though that she is the smartest lady from the show. She is really making way for a great future with her adorable daughter! Good luck Farrah! Keep up the good work!

Pre-Order Farrah's Book, My Teenage Dream Ended here: