Friday, December 2, 2011

Kailyn and Jenelle abandoned in NC

Kailyn and Jenelle were in Fayetteville NC yesterday for a photo-shoot for Pasion Clothing Line and meet & greet for the Rookie Of The Year CD Release. Things seemed to go pretty well during the day, the ladies posted many photos of having their hair and makeup done and just hanging out all smiles.

After their day of Events was over they went out to a club and it looks like they had a great time. The only issues came later when it was time to go home. Apparently the LIG Entertainment Agency that organized the whole Event told Kail and Jenelle to find their own way home. (obviously this affects Kailyn a lot more considering she lives farther away. Still I'm pretty sure that Fayetteville is around 2 hours away from Oak Island where Jenelle lives.) 

Kail posted to facebook:
"I have absolutely nothing positive to say about Dustin at LIG Entertainment agency. The most unorganized agency I've ever worked with, how dare you set up something for me 12 hours away and tell me to pay my own way home. What kind of agency do you work for? I took away from my son, education and work to supposedly help people for this? I don't have that kind of money, and I'll let everyone know. Thanks a lot"

Jenelle Retweeted this Tweet by Kailyn and added a "me too" at the end: “: I have nothing positive to say about . Terrible management and not worth my time or energy.

Thankfully both ladies made it home safely!

(In these photos Jenelle and Kail receive matching bracelets from diamondsandgoldinc.
So cute and they were presented in adorable zebra print bags!)