Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gary Answers Big Questions

Tonight Gary Shirley had a little Gary Time with his fans on facebook. He told fans to ask questions and he would answer as many as he could. So here are some great questions and Gary's responses:

Fan: "Are you and Amber together? "
Gary: "Amber and I are not together." 

Fan: "Did you go to college anywhere? If not, do you plan to?"
Gary: "School could definitely be in my future.."

 Fan: "Are all of you still living in Anderson, Indiana or has Amber made the transition to LA?"
Gary: "I live in Carmel, IN now. Amber is still in Anderson, IN."

Fan: "have you ever regretted doing Teen Mom? It seems like you guys have got a lot of crap from it."
Gary: "Have been blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with MTV/Teen Mom. Yeah, it has its high and low points, but the big picture is positive."

Fan: "Does amber still wear that rock that you got her from walmart? :)" 
Gary: "That ring is long gone! ;]" 

Fan: "Gary, How often do you have Leah?"
Gary: "I have Leah the majority of time.. Like I said earlier, big custody happenings coming soon."

Fan: "Are you friends with the other dads from the show? Do a lot of girls try to take advantage of you since you're on tv?" 
Gary: "Friends with all from the show.. Well, Farrah, um.."

Fan: " is Leah doing?" 
Gary: "Leah is great.. Happy, talkative and sassy!"

Fan: "How did you and amber end up on 16 & pregnant/teen mom? Were you randomly chosen thru a program or did u have to sign up?" 
Gary: "Actually through Amber's brother through another MTV show. They found out that we were expecting, had us send in a casting tape and soon were the first people to ever shoot for the pilot of 16&P."

Fan: "Gary do you think being on the show w/ Amber has hurt your relationship? Do you think you would be in the same situation if you were never on the show? TY"
Gary: "Great question.. The show and what comes with it has definitely changed Amber and I, unfortunately.."

Fan: "
How long have you been playing guitar? You're very talented!"
Gary: "On and off my entire life.. Promise you there will be more come next season. :]"  

Fan: "When the next season start? "
Gary: "Hmm, no date set. Spring??"

Gary: "Appreciate all the questions - so much to keep up with, but am thankful. I check this page regularly, so write any time."

There you have it! Answers from Gary himself! Check out Gary's Fan Page HERE.
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