Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Season Premiere Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 1
"Best Laid Plans"

The much anticipated season 2 of Teen Mom 2 has finally begun! Lets get started! 


Leah and Corey moved to a house closer to Corey's mom after their wedding. Corey worked full time and Leah became a stay at home mom and housewife. She looked like she did a great job of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the little ones. She quickly became stir crazy being home 24/7 though. When she talked to Corey about maybe getting a part time job he was a bit skeptical. You can really see that the trust issues never went away. I never realized how much Corey worried about Leah around guys. From the last season it seemed like they put all that behind them.
Leah went to look for a job anyway. After putting in applications at some random little stores her mom called her with a job opening at the Dentist office she works in. Leah interviewed and was hired on the spot. The job was full time and not what Leah expected but she was excited anyway. Corey not so much... but he did come around and say that he was happy for her and that it would be a good thing.
There wasn't a lot of focus on the twins in this episode but they did get dressed up as lady bugs for Halloween. Too Cute!
At the end of the episode Corey and Leah sneak in a little dinner date. This whole season I'm going to be thinking about the fact that they are not together anymore. It's still so odd to see them seem so happy and playful together knowing they must have been having more issues then they let on.


The episode starts off with Jenelle telling us all that she is paying off her moms credit cards that she stole last season to pay for her and Kieffer's trip to NJ. The last season ended with Jenelle bailing Kieffer out of jail so we all know they are together. Unfortunately. She decides to not tell her mom and lie about him still being in jail and the two being broken up. She finally gets a chance to take Jace to the park unsupervised and prove that she is responsible but what does she do? Take him to the park to meet Kieffer. Later on she visits friends that express their concern and they say exactly what we all are thinking. What is it you see in Kieffer?
After that she meets up with him once again and they play at an arcade together and pose in a photo booth. I have to mention that one of the silly frames they chose to surround their photo was of 2 handguns. Yikes.
Jenelle was out so late that she hardly wanted to get up in the morning. She slept in till the last minute and missed her chance to spend the day with her son. Even though she did get up and was ready to play with Jace her mother decided to take him to daycare anyway. Barbara claimed that Jenelle didn't come home when she was supposed to. This was the first time I ever really saw Jenelle get emotional and upset about not being able to spend time with Jace. I have to point out that this is what happens when you are so willing to give up the time you should have already been spending with your child. After her mom left with Jace, Jenelle called Kieffer to come over while her mom was gone.
On a lighter note Jace got to be a bumblebee for Halloween. They had some cute decorations up outside too. Next they show Jenelle meeting up with Kieffer and the two talk about "stacking cake" which apparently means saving money to get a place on their own... but when Jenelle tries to let Kieffer borrow her car by having him drop her off right outside her house (FacePalm) Barbara sees and freaks out. She immediately tells Jenelle to get out. When Jenelle ignores her as usual Barbara grabs a basket of clothes and tosses them outside. Even though its hard to watch the fights between the two, I totally get where Barbara is coming from. Jenelle just makes the worst decisions possible. It's so hard to even defend her at all.
Thankfully Barbara handed Jace over to Mike before he could witness the whole fight. Jenelle's portion of the episode ends with her sitting at the end of the driveway alone with her basket of clothes.


Chelsea is working hard and studying for her GED which is great. Unfortunately a certain someone just couldn't stay away. Adam very nicely asks if he can come visit Aubree. Of course Chelsea agrees, he is her father after all. Adam came to Chelsea's house to visit his daughter and things got a little creepy. He wanted to sit extremely close to Chelsea and kept trying to kiss her and I found it really awkward and disturbing. Chelsea however couldn't stop smiling and giggling. Bleh! Before he left he pretended to steal Aubree away and then forced a kiss on Chelsea.
After talking it over with friends and family Chelsea came to the conclusion while picking pumpkins that she was going to start listening to her head instead of her heart for once.
This episode wasn't too big on the Chelsea. We did get to witness her buying a GED book at a book store with little Aubree who is adorable. Aurbree was the only baby on the show we didn't see in a costume this episode though.


The episode starts out with Kail and Jordan swinging Isaac on the swings at a little park. They talked about Halloween and Jordan agreed to go trick or treating with her and Isaac. Isaac fell asleep while on the swings and it was adorable. Jo and Kailyn talk on the phone and work out a schedule for Halloween and are surprisingly civil and nice to each other. She decided not to tell Jo that Jordan was going with her though to avoid any argument. It worked. They even hugged goodbye when switching off Isaac. Before she picked up Isaac on Halloween though she went to have her nails done. (something I wish I could afford to do more often!). Then she dressed as a cowgirl, Isaac as a Giraffe and Jordan.... was a giant baby. I can't even get over it. Big blue onesie and everything. It was a good Halloween for them and really showed Kailyn how great Jordan is with Isaac.

Next Week:
 Kieffer gets physical with Jenelle while drinking and Ali needs an MRI.

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Good Morning America!

The lovely ladies of Teen Mom 2 are in NYC today doing some Teen Mom related promos. 
Chelsea and Kailyn were interviewed on Good Morning America this morning! Now I did not want to get up to watch it at 7am this morning, so thank God for the internet. You can watch the two talk about the show and how it does NOT glamorize Teen Pregnancy Here: Good Morning America! 

I'm not too sure what the girls have in store for today or the rest of the week in NYC but they sure seem to be having a great time!