Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Amber Portwood Fights a Girl at IHOP

According to Radar Online Amber was involved in a fight at a local IHOP on November 18th.
While hanging out at the the restaurant with a friend apparently another customer said something about Amber. A witness says that Amber overheard this and said: 

“You don’t know anything about me! I’m gonna whup your ass!"

Of course words were exchanged and you can see in the photos from the security camera that Amber got up and threw her arms up in the air while yelling at the random girl. 

You can also see an employee (I assume) trying to calm things down. Once out of the camera's view the two got into it and punches were thrown and hair was pulled. No word on who threw the first punch. There are reports that Amber AND the other girl had both been drinking.

A lot of people are disappointed and not surprised by this incident. Unfortunately everything these girls do seems to get caught on film so the smart thing to do would be to lay low. Amber has never dealt with the negative fan attention well. She refuses to be a part of any social networking site. She attempted to have a twitter a while ago but quickly deleted it due to the huge waves of negative attention. 
I was really hoping that her stint in rehab helped her deal with her anger a little better but it looks like Amber is still in need of help.