Monday, December 12, 2011

Boobies Boobies Boobies

There are 2 popular sets of boobs on Teen Mom and those belong to Farrah and Maci. Farrah recently made Us Weekly's 12 Best Plastic Surgeries of 2011. (kudos Farrah)
But there has been a little debate for some time now as to whether or not Maci went under the knife to enhance  her bubbies. (as the real housewives of New Jersey would say...)
Well From the photo I posted below I think its pretty obvious. Which kind of is upsetting to me. Not that she had her boobs done but that she didn't come out with it already. Farrah was upfront about her boob job so why so shy all of a sudden Maci? (its not like you can miss those things...) Maybe Maci doesn't want to loose that title of Best Teen Mommy. Maybe she regrets them? I doubt that considering the tiny bikinis she is always wearing. I personally think they are way too big for her tiny body but that's just my opinion. :P 
What do you think? Who has the better boob job!?



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