Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Episode Two Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 2


This episode starts out with Kail coming home to a nasty note written by her moms boyfriend. It basically says that Kail "lives like trash." Which is obviously not true. (I'm sure MTV cameras would have zoomed in on all this trash if it were actually there.) Worried that she will get kicked out at any moment Kail seeks help with a housing program for homeless young people.They look at an apartment that is actually a great size for her and Isaac. (who by the way was so excited he pooped his pants...)


Leah has yet another Dr. appointment for Ali. This time he tells her that her eyes have improved but they have small optic nerves. They don't think she needs surgery but they do want an MRI of her brain. Leah at this point just wants answers about what is going on with her baby girl. You could see her choke up a bit when the Dr. confirmed that she would have to be sedated for the MRI. I can't even watch Leah's portion of the show without crying my face off. Leah talks to Corey about the appointment and mentions that Ali started saying "bye" before Aleeah did. We then witness Aleeah's first steps! Pretty awesome to see Leah's reaction. You can really see how much that entire family loves those little girls.


Chelsea apparently had a fall and tore her ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament which is basically a major ligament in the knee). She ends up needing surgery and actually allowed Adam to take Aubree overnight. Before any of this though, Adam messaged Chelsea asking if they could get back together. Unfortunately Chelsea didn't stick to her word of listening to her head instead of her heart. They are trying to work it out.Adam was coming by everyday to check on Chelsea and Aubree. Aubree gives kisses and its adorable. But Adam just can't understand why Chelsea's dad is so "mean" to him. ::chuckle::


Jenelle's portion of the show starts out with her and Kieffer waking up after spending the night in her car. Last episode Jenelle was seen with Kieffer and kicked out of her house... and well, Kieffer has been homeless the whole time so who knows what he has been doing before he had Jenelle's car to sleep in. The two aren't getting along though, Kieffer apparently only ever talks about weed, alcohol and drugs, which bothers Jenelle who knows she needs to get her life on track. One night her friend Amber and her boyfriend drove Jenelle and Kieffer to "Planet Fun" (their favorite hang out spot ever). But on the way Kieffer had plans to drink before going in to make the place more interesting. Jenelle got super angry and told him if he drank again she would punch him in the face. Well of course he thinks its a big joke and does.(He gets out of the car and you see so much Kieffer ass crack... embarrassing.)  Jenelle gets out of the car and goes after him, but he grabs her and shoves her in the car and slams the door. He is lucky he didn't get her foot. She tries to walk away from the car and down the street but he chases after her and bear hugs her. She was screaming for him to get off of her but he wouldn't. She finally broke free and walked down the street crying.

Next Week: Ali gets her MRI, Jenelle presses charges against Kieffer, Kailyn moves out and Chelsea goes into surgery.