Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cate and Ty are Ready to Tie the Knot

Catelynn announced via Tiwtter today that her and Tyler have chosen a date for their Wedding! 
July 15th 2013. I'm pretty sure Teen Mom will be over then so they will finally get to have an event without MTV cameras. It's nice to know they are still together and plan to be forever, and not just in a silly teenage rainbows and fairy dust kind of way. They are truly committed to one another and its really refreshing. I have known couple who have gotten pregnant young and chosen adoption and abortion and those people did not stay together. It's really amazing that the two supported each other through that hard decision and have built their relationship to be stronger and stronger since.

Congratulations Cate and Ty!

Gary Gets Custody of Leah

It's Facebook Official. Gary Shirley now has full custody of his daughter Leah.
He posted to facebook and twitter today about it. He is of course very happy. A lot of people are assuming that Gary stole Leah away from
her mother but I can assure you that is not the case. Amber agreed to Gary having full custody. I believe that now custody has been arranged for Leah away from Amber, CPS should no longer be an issue for the family. Gary and Amber are not together and Gary is looking for the girl of his dreams and has made quite clear that it's not Amber.
On the upside it seems that Gary and Amber are getting along better for Leah's sake. Leah is the important one here and this is a positive thing for her. Gary is taking Leah to Disney World while visiting Florida to celebrate!

Here is Leah in her Princess Costume she loves so much: