Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gary Has a Mystery Girl

Mr. Shirley seems to have a mystery love connection going on right now. While in Florida on vacation with his lovely daughter Leah he has been tweeting things like this:


(If you are confused by that last tweet: Claire Buffie is Gary's friend Evan Parker's insanely beautiful photographer girlfriend, who was Miss New York 2010!) This mystery girl must be amazing! Hey speaking of Evan, is Gary cheating on their bromance? (lol) Adam from the Real World Las Vegas accompanied Gary and Leah to Disney World:

Scandalous.... Anyway! Who is this mystery girl? Whoever she is, I hope she is good for Gary and Leah. I also hope that she makes them happy! (and I hope Amber can find someone who will help her be a better person and make her happy as well!)