Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The TRUTH About Amber Portwood

The media seems to keep spreading all of these alleged probation violations that Amber has committed, but recently her brother has come forth to set the record straight. In his blog "The 'Chili Man' Chronicles" he writes the truth about these accusations. 

"-- "Failure to behave well in society" -- namely, drinking too much and hitting a person at a restaurant last month

(Negative!  Amber did not hit anyone.  The girl was starting trouble with her.  Amber cannot go anywhere without someone trying to start something with her because of who she is.)

-- Failure to obtain a GED

(Amber is currently enrolled in classes to get her High School Diploma, not her GED. Shows how much some of you know.)

-- Failure to complete 6 months of anger control evaluation and classes

(Again, you only listen to what you see on the internet.  Amber sees a psychiatrist two times a week for anger and depression.)

-- Failure to pay probation fees

(I am sure that she does not have a problem paying any fees considering what she makes a year.)

-- Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her baby daughter

(The biggest lie of them all.  At the time of the hearing Amber already had $20,000 in a college fund for Leah.  She has since added to that and it is almost $40,000 now.)"

Maybe now all the hateful comments about how Amber is doing nothing right can come to an end. According to her brother she was doing a lot better before she was arrested for having some old pills in her purse from a previous prescription.  Amber has in fact been following her probation and doing the right things. Unfortunately even though she has made improvements in her life she will be spending the holidays away from her family and her beautiful daughter Leah.