Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Episode 4 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 4
"No Looking Back"


Jenelle's mom allowed her to move back home, where she immediately is spending more time with Jace and getting her self back on track. She does however struggle with her online classes. On Jenelle's 19th Birthday her mom wakes her up with presents. Fix a Flat and Jumper Cables! Which actually are decent gifts because people should have these things! Jenelle laughed and thanked her. Barbara goes on to talk about how Jenelle was a cranky baby and says that maybe that should have warned her of what was to come. Haha. Kieffer has a warrant out so he calls Jenelle and she agrees to give him a ride to jail so he can turn himself in. He asks if they are breaking up and Jenelle says she doesn't know. Well we all know they get back together when he gets out but that's later on. While waiting to be arrested he tells Jenelle that he doesn't deserve to be in jail and then tells her he loves her before walking into the jail. Obviously he is manipulating her but you can see how bad she was hurt by the whole situation. 


This episode Kail tries to discuss birth control with Jordan. She says she waited 3 months to have sex with Jordan to make sure he wasn't just going to Wam-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am her.  Which I for one think he could have waited a little longer. 3 months isn't exactly a long time! We get to witness Kail's Doctor appointment to talk about what form of birth control will work for her. There is an awkward moment of seeing Kailyn in stirrups getting Mirena put in.... I learned something though. Apparently it hurts a little when they put it in. I was unaware. She tries to tell Jordan about her new birth control but he acts pretty immature and just acts extremely uncomfortable while she is talking about it. Kailyn never has a problem keeping a straight face, even when someone is acting so ridiculous, she remains completely serious. Jordan does however redeem himself later on when he finally opens up to Kail.


Struggling with the idea of going to Ali's Dr. Appointment by herself to get Ali's MRI results, Leah scrambles to find someone who can go with her. Unfortunately everyone has to work.  Good news from the Doctor though! There is nothing wrong with Ali's brain or spine! Thank goodness! Leah and Corey are relieved to get the good news but there are still so many unanswered questions. I have faith though. Leah and Corey were so sweet together. I love seeing these scenes of them together on the couch loving on their girls.


Well of course Chelsea and Adam fight over something stupid and he up and takes Aubree, leaving Chelsea with her busted knee to fend for herself. She tries repeatedly to call him and to get him to bring Aubree back but he avoids her calls and then eventually texts her to shut up... A whole night goes by and he finally decides to bring her back. Chelsea just takes it and they bicker a little bit and he decides to leave. None of us are surprised by this.

Next week its Christmas for the Teen Moms!

Public Humiliation

There has been some new drama with jenelle and her now ex-friend Hannah. I'm kind of bored with all the feuds that Jenelle has with her friends. It's basically always the same story. Someone was talking shit and someone was using someone else blah blah blah. 

The one thing that I really can't stand about Teen Mom 2 girls is the way they use public forums to humiliate each other and the people they fight with in their personal lives. I'm as big a fan as any of the Teen Mom 2 girls, but this whole thing is getting out of hand. Every time Jenelle has a fight she posts phone numbers, personal information etc. etc. on her facebook page. Kailyn is guilty of making personal problems with Jenelle public via a gossip site. Leah's friend Amy made a fight with Corey's father public over the Internet as well. I think Chelsea is the only one that keeps her life private. Minus that whole fight with Megan a while back. Even then Chelsea stayed classy.

I don't think that these young girls realize that what they are doing is cyber bullying and its not okay. When someones phone number is posted on a fan page that has over 100,000 fans... chances are that person is going to have to change their phone number. Since when is sicking thousands of fans on someone acceptable?

My advice to the Teen Mom 2 ladies is to keep things private. Facebook is for fun and it shouldn't be a way to get back at people. Also giving stories to gossip sites is just low, as if they don't have to worry about tabloids already. It's nice to have a ton of people backing you up when you are angry with someone and I see the appeal but fans shouldn't be used to harass random people they don't know. It's pretty unfair if you ask me. I have seen a lot of this happening for a while now and I for one can't keep up with all the drama of the girls lives that we see on the show AND all the drama between their friends etc. It's just too much.

Okay. Rant over.