Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amber Portwood Quitting Teen Mom! has reported that Amber has confirmed that she wants to quit Teen Mom and is planning to. 
Here is what was reported:

"Portwood’s attorney, Evan Broderick, requested in-home detention for Portwood at her grandparents’ Anderson home, citing that she had no criminal record before the felony for which she was on probation — two counts of Class D felony domestic battery in presence of a child. Portwood testified that she’d gone to Malibu, Calif., and participated in a treatment program "

Deputy Prosecutor Andrew Hopper argued that when a convicted felon on probation is accused of violating probation terms by committing a new felony that the standard operating procedure is for that defendant to be held in jail until an evidentiary hearing. “To do anything different would send the wrong message to the defendant and send the wrong message to the community,” he said.

Amber also testified that she felt pressured and exploited through her work with MTV.

“I want to quit, and I will,”  
Broderick said Portwood wants to live a normal life.

On Thursday, Portwood was charged with Class D felony possession of a controlled substance.

"According to the Anderson police probable cause report, Portwood’s probation officers went to her Anderson home around 3:30 p.m. Dec. 16 and found Portwood to be “very groggy.” In her apartment they found a number of drugs without corresponding prescription records including 32 hydrocodone tablets, six soma tablets and two methocarbamol tablets.

She told officers she’d been involved in a car crash the night before and that she does operate a motor vehicle while taking the quantity of medications she is prescribed.

Portwood rear-ended another vehicle around 8:10 p.m. Dec. 15. There were no reported injuries. She told officers she hit him after he suddenly hit on his brakes to make a turn and didn’t see the other driver use a turn signal. The man said he was turning with his turn signal on when Portwood rear-ended him"

I for one am very pleased to hear that she will finally be quitting Teen Mom. I was under the impression that season 4 was going to be the last season anyway... but if they do plan for more season I'm glad to know that Amber is moving on and hoping it will help her get her life together. From what I have heard Season 4 will be Maci's last season as well.

 Update: Amber's mother has been her only visitor while in jail. Tonya is trying to help Amber work out a deal with MTV for her to be permanently taken off the show. She is also trying to help Amber get out of Jail.