Friday, December 30, 2011

Amber Being Moved Out of Her Home

According to this article by The Ashley's Reality Roundup it looks like movers have been moving Amber's belongings out of her pretty little house in Anderson IN. According to the source this is to attempt to get Amber on house arrest instead of a jail sentence. (remember Lindsey Lohan?) Here is the quote from her source: “Amber’s lawyer and prosecutor are making deals and trying to get her [on] house arrest. In order to get on house arrest, she has to live with family.” 

This would make a lot of sense, so I find this plausible. I think she has a good chance of getting the house arrest considering she is allegedly getting bullied by other inmates in the jail. So far I have heard that she got toilet water thrown on her while she was sleeping and her food plates thrown while she was eating. There have also been reports of her being hit by an inmate. I can't say whether all of this is 100% true or not but I do find it plausible.

Another unrelated part of the Ashley's article talks about Tonya (Amber's Mother) having a winning streak.... she won a new car at an Indiana casino a few weeks ago and a few days ago she took home a huge $7,000 jackpot at the casino. Interesting how the world works. 

UPDATE: According to E! Shawn has confirmed that Amber is being evicted from her home. Not just moving out of the home like we all thought. "Asbury Glen Homes filed a complaint against Amber in small claims court on Tuesday, noting that the company served her with an eviction notice "due to lease violations" on Dec. 20 and that she now owes them $77 in court costs. Read more:"