Wednesday, March 28, 2012

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Premiere Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 1

Meet the 16 year old Oklahoma cheerleader Mackenzie. Her boyfriend josh rides bulls and wild horses in rodeos but now she is worried about him competing because they have a baby on the way. Josh already has had many concussions from being flung from wild animals. He is a true rodeo/country boy though and even wears those horrifying shirts that I am just going to call "Adam Shirts" I bet you can guess what I'm talking about.. 
Mackenzie is determined to continue cheer-leading well into her pregnancy and plans to keep cheering after the baby comes. Like most teenage boys Josh is all whatever about the future. Her family wonders how seriously she is taking her pregnancy. She explains to her mom that she didn't want to take birth control because she didn't want to gain weight. Ironic! 
3 months before due date she starts to look for a job. Josh plans to make money doing rodeos. He doesn't seem to understand how serious having a reliable job is when you have a baby. Mackenzie and her dad recycle some cans to bring in a little bit of money. Every little bit helps.
While waiting for Josh to come over and check out day-cares online with her when she gets a phone call that Josh has been in a bad car accident and that she needs to get to the hospital. 
His pick-up got hit by a truck and he ended up with neck and head injuries and had to wear a neck brace. 
After being hit with a serious reality check she finally confronts Josh about what their plans are for the future and how they are going to handle a baby. Josh is freaked out about possible surgery and is not in the mood to talk about it. 
They finally get the crib set up and throw a baby shower that Josh did attend. Luckily she has a supportive family that is willing to help as much as they can. 
School starts and she is due in a few weeks. I can't imagine spending a whole day at school in my last few weeks of pregnancy, it is the most uncomfortable time. 
Later Mackenzie wakes up to contractions and decides to go to the hospital. 7 hours into labor she is told the baby can't come out naturally so they take her in for a c section. She gives birth to a nice big boy! 
The harsh reality of being parents kicks in when they go home and start waking up every couple of hours to their crying bundle of joy. I do give Josh credit for being up with her and doing his best to change diapers and whatnot. 
They decide that Josh will watch the baby while Mackenzie is in school and then she will watch him at night. 7 weeks after having a baby she goes back to cheer-leading and takes her little boy with her. She is a bit rusty and getting back into things is harder then she thought it would be. 
Josh for some stupid reason decides he really really wants to ride a bull while they are out one night despite the fact that Mackenzie  is begging him not to. Luckily he is talked out of it. 
She gets really upset about him wanting to get back into rodeos and he basically tells her he doesn't care anymore, but comes around and agrees that the baby comes first. 

Episode 2

Katie has big dreams of moving to Denver Colorado and going to college for her masters degree in psychology but for now she is living with her boyfriend Joey's parents. Birth Control was an "optional" thing for the couple and that is how they became pregnant. Her best friend is moving to Denver to go to school and Katie was supposed to go with her but had to sacrifice all her plans to take care of a baby. 
Katie's mom tries to prepare her for the hard road ahead and it gets her emotional. Having a baby is usually something that is celebrated but when you are a teen everything is so much harder. 
The two have jobs and are planning for the future which is great. They really want to get their own place so Joey is trying to get a better job. 
Prom night rolls around and Katie is determined to go and have a good time. She got tuckered out a lot faster then she thought she would, her friends invite her out but she decides to go home and go to bed 
They start applying for assisted living so they can afford to live on their own. 
Katie graduates highschool with her class and then meets with a counselor about furthering her education. 
Now on to her birth plan, she decides that she does not want an epidural which I think is great. I also think its great that she is thinking about these things ahead of time. 
Joey and Katie go to look at apartments together. Joey wants to wait a while and stay with his parents until they can afford it, but Katie wants them to be independent. Sometimes guys just don't understand that pregnant women want to nest and make everything perfect for when their little one arrives. It isn't unreasonable for her to be feeling that need. Katie is determined and continues to look, but since Joey has been ignoring her she decides to go stay at her moms for a while. 
After a night apart they decide to meet up and talk. Katie wants her family to be on their own and not intruding on anyone else's. Joey sees it differently and thinks if his parents are there to help so why not take the help. 
Katie goes into labor and there is a funny moment where the nurse asks if she will be having an epidural, and expecting her to say yes starts to leave the room but does a double take when Katie says no. Since Joey and Katie had just had a fight it was awkward when he showed up to the hospital but dropped the attitude and started to be more supportive. She does really well during labor with no epidural. and 14 hours in its time to start pushing. She gives birth to a gorgeous baby girl. 
Katie decides to take the baby home to Joey's family's house so that they can be together. 
Joey ended up getting that better job and they were able to go look at a place for them to move into. They finally get their own place and get along pretty well. She still plans for bigger and better things in life but Joey wont agree to move to Denver if he doesn't have a great job to go to. Her mom points out that as parents they both have sacrificed and its just the beginning. They still have 18 more years of giving things up.


  1. I really loved that both of these girls decided to at least try breastfeeding. I was so happy to see Katie was still nursing at the end of the episode. So many of the girls that have been on this show haven't even tried.

  2. Despite what everyone says. Breast isn't best anymore. Bottle feeding has pretty much everything that breast does. It's easier to keep baby's blood sugar levels normal with bottle as well.

    1. I think its best to at least try. There are things in breast milk you can't get from formula. But formula has come a long way and I don't judge anyone who uses it. I did both.

    2. Actually there is nothing that can compare to breast milk. Formula can try, but breast is always best!

  3. "Despite what everyone says. Breast isn't best anymore. Bottle feeding has pretty much everything that breast does. It's easier to keep baby's blood sugar levels normal with bottle as well."

    Really, *Anonymous*? So formula has antibodies that are custom tailored to whatever germs are floating around your environment at the time? Formula evolves as the baby grows to fit her needs as she develops? Formula is a natural laxative that helps keeps baby's digestive track moving? Formula is free!? I hadn't heard.

    I have 4 kids, 2 were exclusively breastfed, 2 started at the breast but had to stop early for different reasons - I'm not just a breastfeeding nazi - I'm a mom who has done both. But you saying that breast isn't best anymore is just absurd.

  4. Breast will Always be best

  5. this isn't something to fight over people! lol Either way your baby is getting fed. I don't judge any mother who uses formula or who breast feeds.