Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adam Lind Arrested for DUI

For most of us this is no surprise. Adam was reportedly arrested last night for driving his motorcycle under the influence and driving on a suspended license. According to RadaronlineAdam was picked up by Minnehaha County Sheriffs in Sioux Falls, South Dakota around 2.30 am Saturday and was behind bars for a few hours until he got bailed out.

Adam was allegedly bar hopping all night and was on his way home when he was pulled over. He just turned 21 in January and has been partying it up ever since. Now he is due in court April 16th

According to this is not Adam's first DUI, his license is actually suspended due to a few of them. Also it was in fact Chelsea who bailed him out. I sure hope she isn't falling back into her old ways..


  1. Haha. Karma is a bitch.

    1. DEFINITELY! :D Am looovin iiitt!!

  2. Wow what a dumb ass. He will never change, nothing but a pile of crap daddy too!

  3. I wonder if Chelsea bailed him out.

  4. Such a low life. He really needs to grow up and start helping chelsea out.

  5. Yeah - apparently Chelsea did bail him out (who is the bigger dumbass in that equation?).

    Seriously, what a freakin retard. And his licence was already suspended. BAH. I would NEVER let my kid drive with him again.

    The guy is such an arrogant prick. He isn't even good looking!

    I can't believe he is such an idiot.

  6. What is wrong with Chelsea? Why would she bail that douchebag out? I thought she was finally done with him!

  7. Seriously, this guy is a douche. He and Gary Shirley are probably buds.

  8. well it probably is hard for Chelsea considering he is the father of her child and who she's inlove with.!