Friday, March 16, 2012

Cate & Ty's New House

Catelynn and Tyler continue to be the most responsible and adorable couple of Teen Mom. They recently bought a house together in February and have been renovating it themselves. 

Tyler did the back-splash in their kitchen in four house and posted photos of his good work!

This has been a big couple of months for them, they bought a house, furniture, filmed a reunion show, continue to help with their adoption agency, and saw their baby girl twice! 

Keep it up guys you are doing great!


  1. Good job Catelynn and Tyler! You guys have always been my fave! :)

  2. Congratulations on your new house. I am so very proud of the two of you. Yal have been my favorite since I started watching. I wish yal all the happiness and the Best of Luck in your future and your marriage together. yal were definitely meant to be together. Yal have come along ways and been there for each other along the way. Yal are such an inspirational couple. May God continue to Bless yal throughout your lives together. Keep doing what you're doing and I hope to see yal again SOON :-)