Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jenelle Wants New Boobies

Jenelle confirmed to today that the rumors of her taking steps to get breast implants are true! Following in the footsteps of Farrah and Maci Jenelle is looking into getting some new knockers. 

I wonder if MTV will feature this new venture on Teen Mom 2. Maybe season 4? I don't know what kind of message that would be sending to the teens in the world having multiple teen mothers from the show getting breast implants. Maybe that is why Maci's weren't shown on Teen Mom. 

We all know the ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 make money, enough to shop and have breast implants, buy houses, pay for school, etc etc. If they can afford it and really think it will improve their self esteem then I say go for it. Good Luck Jenelle! 

1 comment:

  1. if it makes them happy, go for it! but this just makes me angry at the show for portaying the girls to be struggling for $ when kailyn had a melt down over having to get a new car, or go for housing assistance..