Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maci & Catelynn Say Goodbye

As I reported recently the upcoming Season four of Teen Mom (June) will be the last season for the original girls Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber. 

Maci and Catelynn have taken to twitter recently to say thank you to the fans that have shared this journey with them. 

Farrah is so busy with her many business ventures and modeling that I doubt she will notice the lack of MTV cameras. She is also said to be working with MTV for a spin off show. Which I'm not gonna lie... I will totally watch.

Amber is busy trying to get her life straightened out. She recently told a judge that she wanted to quit Teen Mom but her actions since then have lead people to believe otherwise. I worry for Amber and wish her the best. Hopefully going through her rehabilitation program and getting her court ordered real job will humble her, and bring her back down to Earth so she can be a better mom to Leah. 

Maci is working with her ex Kyle on a clothing line. She continues to do public speaking for teen pregnancy prevention and women empowerment. 

Catelynn and Tyler are working with their adoption agency and have already filmed a commercial with them. Both are in college and have bought a house and are planning their wedding for next year.

Wherever life takes these now young adults... I wish them all luck and happiness! 

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