Sunday, March 25, 2012

Win a Date With Gary

Gary is on a hunt to find the woman of his dreams!
Thursday March 29th Gary will be a special guest on The Matty P's Radio Happy Hour at 8pm EST. 
Apparently you can win a date with Gary by e-mailing (Subject line "Gary Date") with a photo of yourself and why you deserve a date with Gary. 18 years or older of course! 

Check out the Radio show's website: 


  1. not to be mean but good dad or not he needs to start taking care of his self and lose a little weight before he gets much luck on the dating front. Hes not a bad looking guy by all means but way to overweight.

    1. You know what your very rude. To you he might be over weight. But to someone else the way he looks may be perfect. Not everyone needs to be skinny.

  2. I mean it's sad but most women look at looks before they get to really know someone and we all have to admitt that

  3. I think he possibly needs to lose weight as well, not because of appearances but because it isn't healthy. He needs to do all he can to better himself for his beautiful daughter. It'd be a shame if something happened to him (health wise)because he was overweight. Leah depends on him.

  4. I think everyone can benefit from eating healthy & exercising. I know I sure could, but to say he needs to worry about losing weight before he finds a girlfriend is RUDE! Gary does seem to be a good guy, and he does something very few guys his age does and thats being a good dad. Yes in their espisode of sixteen and pregnant he was immature buying game systems instead of baby stuff but he learned and grew and I think any woman would be lucky to have Gary as a boyfriend.

  5. I would date him!!! I love big me I cant do the lil guy thing. My hubby is big and I would not change him for nothing!!!! And Gary is so sweet. He needs to find and good women that will treat him the way he should be treated. Not a witch like Amber!!! Good luck Gary!!!

  6. I actually think he has alot to do with the way Amber ended up. He was such an inmature asshole while she was first going through depression. The reason why he had to step up was because Amber finally went nuts and he had to. Clearly she needed help. He would purposely push her buttons and threathen her by saying he would take away her child. Im pretty sure that slob of a mother he has is doing most of the raising. The show mostly focused on Amber but it did catch plenty of hes flaws for me to figure him out. So what im pretty much trying to say is he doesnt need to loose weights he just has a nasty personality..