Thursday, April 12, 2012

16 & Pregnant S4 Episode 4 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 4

Lindsey has a lot of big dreams, she wants to be a police detective, professional cage fighter and a model! Things are going to be tough though because now she will have to make room for a new baby in her plans. Her mom originally wanted her to have an abortion but as the pregnancy progresses she starts to come around. Lindsey and her boyfriend had been on and off for a while but are back on a few months into the pregnancy. Cage fighting had to be put on hold since its obviously dangerous for a pregnant woman but she plans on training in the future.
Lindsey considers moving to her boyfriend Forest's house where she can be with him and have more space and make things easier for everyone. 
The financial reality of having a baby hits her when she goes to check out prices for everything she needs. I'm very happy that she took the time to really research and plan for a new baby and how they are going to be able to pay for everything. 
Forest talks about getting a job and his mother surprisingly objects. Lindsey and Forest argue about that but there isn't time to resolve the issue because Lindsey starts feeling contractions soon after. But its 2 months before her due date and the doctors are worried about her giving birth so early. The doctors give her a shot to help the babies lungs develop faster and put her on bed rest. Forest was no where to be found during this whole ordeal.
They go a while without talking but as soon as Forest apologizes for being a no show Lindsey understands and takes him back. Lindsey goes into labor for real soon after that and gives birth after a short labor.
Baby Aniyah is beautiful but a lot of responsibility to deal with. Unfortunately there is no support from Lindsey's friends who abandon her. She moves in with Forest and his family and they are still together today. 

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  1. I couldn't help feel a little bit sorry for Lindsey, she has dreams and everything ahs to be placed on hold now that she is pregnant. I don't think 16 and Pregnant glamorizes teen pregnancy, it just shows what real-life teens are going through during this time. I will always and forever watch 16 and Pregnant. Everyone wants to learn the hard way. I use to always watch it on Tuesdays but lately I have been working at DISH so I haven't been able to watch it until I get on my computer. I watch most of my shows on the computer anyways since I use DISH Online. Hopefully all her dreams come true for Lindsey.