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16 & Pregnant S4 Episode 5 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 5

Alex lives with her mom , brother and sister in Pennsylvania. she is going to be a senior in high school and is working two jobs, one at a fast food restaurant and one at a dance center which is her passion in life. She's been dating her boyfriend Matt for 2 years. When Alex became pregnant she claims she was on the birth control pill and the couple used condoms
 Alex's mom is not supportive of her pregnancy and tells her that there will be no babies in their house. Which means she either needs to choose adoption or find a new place to live. 
 Boyfriend Matt is pretty much useless so there is no way he would provide for his family. Alex tries repeatedly to talk to him about what they should do but he is MIA for most of the episode. The only thing that Matt says that makes any sense is that he thinks adoption is best because they are themselves still kids. (Basically that he would rather continue partying and getting high then stepping up and being a man.) 
Alex talks with several of her friends about her options and her friend Brianna brings up that her mother is not able to have children and has been wanting to adopt a baby for a long time. Alex is close to her family so she would be able to see the baby often. After talking with Brianna's family and learning that she could move into the neighbors house next door and pay her rent. Alex decided to move into this woman's house and give parenting a try. She pretty much has no plans of how she is going to work it all out but the baby is on the way and she goes into labor soon after.
She stays home for a few hours of her labor waiting for Matt to show up to go with her to the hospital. Of course he is no where to be found so Alex takes her pregnant/in labor self to the streets to hunt him down. She finally finds him and they head to the hospital right away. 
After Arabella was born and the 2 days in the hospital, Alex decided to keep her baby. She unfortunately can't afford to take care of an infant with no preparation, go to school and work all at the same time.  Her mom agrees to have her come home and throws her a baby shower/welcome party. Sadly Alex didn't pay her landlord for that month and all her belongings ended up on the curb. Luckily her grandpa gave her a car so that she could get around. She switches to online schooling and gets sad because she has to be home with the baby while driving matt to school since he missed the bus.. she notices he smells of smoke which I'm sure isn't uncommon with him. She tells Matt that acting like this is going to make it harder for her to trust him. and later in the episode he flakes out on babysitting his daughter so Alex can go to work and tells her he had stuff to do. Alex has had enough and finally tells matt to f*ck off. She tells him he will never see his daughter and he is a dead beat dad. Since Matt walked out and left alex alone her family begins to step up and help out a lot more and Alex still plans to open her dance studio in the future.


  1. Okay - this is not a post about Gary - but someone has to bring up the whole Gary Shirley is Jesus twitter account.

    I think it is beyond arrogant that Gary is spreading the word and keeps retweeting the photos and stuff. How offensive to some people! I wonder how it would have gone down if they had chosen to ‘mock’ another religion. They might have had a huge problem on their hands. How full of your yourself would you need to be to promote that you are Jesus? Seriously?

    Gary does not seem to understand what is offencive or okay to post. He constantly posts bathroom humor (which is funny to 5 year olds, for goodness sakes).

    I think Gary is really insecure, so this new “church of gary” feeds his ego. But what he doesn’t get (because he is a complete moron) is that he offends a bunch of people, who then unfollow him, and perhaps even change their opinions on him!

    Gary wants to be worshipped. That is what it amounts to.

    Sad and disgusting. Again, they are lucky they did not choose to depict Gary as a leader of other religions, because they might have met with some formidable backlash. Christians will act on an individual basis, but i don’t think they will mount an offensive and actually organise against Gary and his little friend. (I would support them if they did organise – it is offensive to mock a god – any god!).

    It just makes me sick that Gary is so stupid. Anyone else would have politely requested that the twitter account be closed… They would have given a cease and desist order, and ask that their image not be used. But Gary? He encourages it.


    1. Even though I usually will delete comments that have a lot of unnecessary name calling, I feel the need to respond to this.

      1.You are right you probably should have put this in a post that was actually about Gary or on my page or e-mailed me etc.

      2. Gary isn't doing anything illegal. So if people don't like it and are offended they can unfollow him and unlike his page etc. as you said.

      3. Who can really say what is funny? I don't know about you but I can't help what I think is funny. That would be like me telling one to stop laughing at a joke because its not funny. If you choose to laugh that is your business. If you are offended then okay just stop looking at it.

      People will always find something to be offended and outraged by. It really is not worth all this effort. I am Methodist so yeah the photos are offensive. But I don't really care what other people do. As long as I'm not doing those things... I don't care. I know not everyone is Christian, not everyone believes what I do, so who am I to say anything.

    2. First off, I think that the mom was one of the best parents we have seen so far on 16 & pregnant. She knew that adoption was the best choice and pushed it and told Alex that she couldn't rely on her mom all the time. She is the grandparent not the parent. It is not her fault Alex got pregnant and it is not her job to raise Alex's baby. I feel like a lot of the grandma's are to involved with the grandkids. I understand being supportive, but not raising the kid. Everyone thinks that she was horrible for not watching the baby while Alex needed to work but I can understand her logic. She knew that if she kept giving in to her daughter then it was going to cause Alex to think that she can get away with putting the baby onto her mom. Her mom knew that adoption was the best choice just like everyone else. I personally think Alex was really selfish to keep the baby.

      And as for the dad. He told Alex that he didn't want to be a dad. Which to most girls would be a red flag, hey maybe I should really think about raising this kid on my own. She kept pushing it on him which was annoying. He doesn't want to be a dad end of story. And people can say while he is responsible and he is but she kept the baby. That was all on her so technically he shouldn't be held responsible because he told her to get an adoption and she didn't.

      I personally think she kept her baby out of spite. Because she wanted to go against what her mom and the baby's dad wanted. And that makes me sick!

  2. You know what is interesting... A man can not force a woman to keep a child that she wants to abort... So why is it if a man does not want to father a child with someone, and makes that clear early on, that he is still liable for child support?

    Yes, it took two to get pregnant, so he is at fault too. But perhaps there should be limitations on child support such that if a 'father' files a legal document in the first 4 months of pregnancy that clearly states that he did not want the child, and will not have anything to do with the child in the future, and the pregagncy was not planned - maybe he should only be liable for 2 years of child support, so long as he keeps his agreement to not interact and be a 'dad' to the child.

    The father can not force the mother to give the child up for adoption, either. (Which perhaps many men would choose, if given the option.)

    Why should a man have to pay for 18 years for a decision that they have 'less' control over? A woman does not need the father's permission to abort, or to choose adoption. So why does a man have to pay regardless of his wishes?

    Isn't that kind of a double standard?

    Moreover, if the agreed birth control method is the pill, and she accidently forgot to take one, but did not tell the father... He is punished for 18 (or more) years?

    Not saying that the Mom could not choose to keep the baby... Just that the father would make his choice clear (and legal), the mother would then made a choice based on that. ie - If I keep this child, I will be a single parent, and either have NO income (legaly waive his financial contribution) or have child support for only __ months.

    She could then make an informed decision as to what she wanted to do.

    I know the single mothers out there are going to write scathing responces. You feel entitled to have the baby daddy support you. And birth control should be the priority of both parents, and BC is not 100% effective. I get it. But why should a man pay for a decision he has no control over? You can argue that he should not be having sex until he is ready for an 'oops'... But that's a whole other discussion.

    The above commenter is correct, in my opinion. Adoption would have been the best option. Sad.

    1. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that the woman is automatically attached to the child before it is even born in most cases. Women are the ones that endure the pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding. It would be easy for a father to not show up to the hospital and not have to witness the birth or handing over the child to someone else. The women are the ones who deal with all of that. All due to a decision that they both made to have sex.

      If a man were to say yeah I want no part of it... and the woman can't morally bring herself to have an abortion or to adopt then that woman is stuck paying for a child on her own that someone else helped to create.

      The system is flawed but I think its as good as its going to get. Adoption and abortion are options for some people but not for others.

    2. @Anonymous: I couldn't agree with you more. Males really have no say in whether or not they want to take cre of a child. I think if a form of birth control is being used and the female gets pregnant, it should be a MUTUAL decision between the couple and if they can not come up with one then there should be a legal forms that who ever wants to keep the child can keep it and the other parent gives up all rights to the child.
      I'm about to be the mother of 2 and I have seen some shady stuff with other people and their kids. Having a parent who doesn't/ never wanted to be a parent hurts the child more than anything. Guys (and some girls) are forced into becoming parents before they are ready.

    3. Um this is possible. A guy can sign over his legal rights to his child, meaning that he has no right now, nor will he ever at any point after the papers are signed, to see the child, to have the child in his custody, legal or physical, to have a say in any type of decision in the child's life, etc etc...basically exactly what it says: no legal right to be involved in the child's life. Once a guy signs away his rights, he also has no legal obligation to pay child support or any other type of support, even if the girl takes him to court. It's basically exactly what you said in the original comment-he's putting on paper that he never wanted to parent, does not want to at this time nor will he ever (for this child), and he will have nothing to do with the child. People do this all the time. Also, it is different than signing over custody. And once you sign over your rights, that's it. You don't get to bring it to court when the kid is like 3 or 4 (or any age really) and be like "Wait! I changed my mind, I do want to be a parent!" and get rights back. It is an irreversible decision. As far as I know anyways, I've never actually been through the process personally so there could be some loophole I don't know about but I really don't think so.

      I wanted to also say real quick, sorry I keep commenting on super old stories, I just found this site and I've been going back and reading the older stories that I (obviously) missed when they first were written. These old recaps are especially good because I've forgotten who a lot of the 16 and pregnant girls are lol, or at least which name goes with which story. I just didn't want you to think I'm trolling through your site trying to get people all upset over old topics or something lol, I try not to comment on the older stories but sometimes I just can't resist :) anyways, thanks Jamie for a great site, I have really been enjoying it!!

  3. I just want to put in that matt was pushed to father arabella because in the hospital he was told that he should not sign the papers for his rights if he does not want to be her father but he did sign so as far as that he needed to step up. he was using adoption as an excuse to continue partying and using. women can not control weather or not a man is in their child's life but men do need to understand that if you claim rights to that child your expected to be responsible with them

    1. If guys dont want to care or take responsibility for a child then theres a way to take care of that. use a condom! If you dont use one and you get pregnant then yes, you ARE responsible! If you crash your girlfriends car, you cant just get out and say well, its not my car im not responsible for my actions! its her fault! NO! you need to grow some and step up! if you think your old enough to have sex then your old enough to deal with the consequences. Kids are gifts that are to be treasured!