Wednesday, April 25, 2012

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 6

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 6

So this episode was an intense one to watch. I planned on ranting a lot during this recap but have recently learned that according to Jordan what we watched is not how their lives really are. This episode weighs heavily on racism. For most of it everyone is talking about how Jordan got with a "white boy" and that he isn't an attractive one at that. 

The way people (especially Jordan's mother) talked about him... you would have thought he was an Ogre with boils all over his face. It really bothered me how judgmental and awful Jordan's friends, family and especially her mom spoke about him. Tyler was not even allowed in the house. The crib that HE bought for the baby was at Jordan's house. And her mother planned on the baby coming back to her home regardless of how Tyler felt. 

At one point Jordan realizes that if she lives with her mother when the baby is born that Tyler wont be a part of their child's life and decides to take the crib and baby clothes and run to Tyler's home where she is more then welcome to live. Her mother soon after realizes that she better change her tune. She offers to let Tyler actually come inside the house in return Jordan would come home. Tyler still felt extremely uncomfortable going there and was upset that she was flip flopping back and forth. 

When the baby came Tyler was by Jordan's side for the birth but did not stay at Jordan's home for the first night. He visited here and there but was so nervous and uncomfortable being there that he didn't really seem to ever want to. He asked to take the baby to his house and was shot down. 

I do think that he should have not let the toxins of her hurtful family allow him to stay away from his own. However I don't think Jordan was willing to meet him halfway. At the end of the episode Tyler shows up late to see the baby but he is sleeping. So Tyler asks if he can just peek in on him and see his little face before leaving. Meanwhile Jordan's brothers are at the top of the stairs saying things like "this aint a home for white boys" or something like that. Finally Tyler speaks up and tells them to f*** off. The 2 brothers barrel down the stairs and out the front door to (I assume) kick his ass. Because ya know... 2 against 1 is totally fair. Jordan's mother yells at the boys to come back inside before shit hits the fan and says "he aint ready for that but he should be if he gonna talk like that!" (Not "hey there is no reason to fight, that solves nothing") 

At the end of the episode Jordan basically says that it is the end of her and Tyler. However during the airing of the show last night Jordan took to twitter to defend her mother and let everyone know that she and Tyler are engaged. She said that her mother is not racist. She also said that everyone gets along just fine now and she is planning to move out this summer. 

I know right. It hardly makes very much sense but hopefully a lot of the drama was just exaggerated for the show and I hope to God that the racism and hatefulness has ceased so that their child grows up with good values and morals. 

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