Thursday, April 19, 2012

Catelynn & Tyler Go On Tour

Cate and Ty are beloved by all and are going on tour with their adoption agency to discuss teen pregnancy, adoption and other struggles that teens and young adults face. So far there are dates scheduled for various areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The speaking engagements will include a Q/A session with Catelynn and Tyler and the Bethany Adoption professionals. For more information and tour dates go here: 


  1. Amazing couple :) Love them, and wish them nothing but the best.

  2. I'm sorry I can't stand them they are popular for giving up their child so they are saying u can have sex and get away with it by giving up the baby very smart!!!!!!

  3. Ok anonymous. They gave that little girl a chance at life, a better life than they knew that they would be able to give her. If you don't understand that, your just ignorant! And need to be educated. Adoption isn't about having sex and getting away with it. 90% of all teens are sexually active. some just get lucky & don't end up pregnant.