Saturday, April 21, 2012

Farrah Interviewed by Dr. Drew VIDEO

Farrah recently appeared on Dr. Drew's show on HLN where they took calls from fans and answered questions. 

They talk about how Farrah is involved with the March of Dimes, she will be walking with Sophia and raising money. They also talk about beautiful little Sophia and how she is 3 years old now and very talkative!

They take in calls and answer questions. One caller asks Farrah if she is being selfish when paying for her plastic surgery and modeling and taking away from Sophia. Farrah reveals that Sophia's college is already paid for and her surgery has helped her self confidence and made her more successful. I think its pretty obvious that Sophia is not going without!

Farrah says her biggest struggle as a teen parent is trying to move with a toddler and working around their schedules. She also says her relationship with her mom is still up and down.

Farrah has a lot of new things in the works including her family food brand and possibly her show on Food Network. 

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  1. Notice how she lost her place reading from a teleprompter... nope, not staged at alllll. haha