Thursday, April 12, 2012

Farrah's Got T-Shirts and Scholarships

Today Farrah launched the redesign of her website: 
While looking it over I noticed a couple of awesome things. First I want to mention these adorable T-Shirts that are apparently her design:

It's pretty funny that the design is of a pacifier considering 3 year old Sophia is still very attached to hers. Now before your head explodes and you spew your unwanted parenting advice everywhere I'm going to move on to Farrah's scholarship program. 

"Farrah decided this year to start giving scholarships, to teens to further their education, to help their futures .

“Not everyone has the benefit of being amazingly smart, or having a great financial backing, so I feel it’s time to give to those who show progress, hardwork,dedication, even when their families are broken, teen parents, and no one has taken the time to invest in a bright individual”

Eddie Hoang , senior @ Elsie Allen HighSchool, Santa Rosa California"

You can click on the Scholarship Tab of Farrah's site to apply for it. It is very admirable that Farrah has started this and that she works so hard to be great at everything she does. Farrah recently signed with modeling agency Models International, Plans to open a restaurant one day and has her hand in just about everything from a food brand featuring a hot pepper sauce, to a possible jewelry line and fragrance, to her book coming out in June. 

Speaking of her Food Brand she is also selling some merchandise for it  here  including a baby onesie, bib, and apron. 

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  1. where can you find Farrah's Scholarship Tab on her website?