Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gary Signs a Fan's Breast and Tweets About It

Gary's amazing tweets never cease to amaze me! 
Last night must have been a wild one because Gary got a request from a girl to sign her boobies. Wow. 
As if that wasn't fantastic enough, Gary tweeted a photo:

"Bitches be crazy :) Enjoy"

Of course the fans and anti-fans went wild on twitter so he had to defend himself a little bit and assure us all that this young lady is totally cool with the tweet. 

click to enlarge
Oh Gary...


  1. Someone tell this man to stop using twitter, STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!

  2. Um...he probably twatted that from his phone, not his computer. Derp.

  3. Are they any different now a days durp?

  4. that doesnt even look like a boob lol

  5. But why is he proud of it? And how come he hasn't learned that when he posts this stuff people get pissy with him?

    Would he be happy if someone (in the future, of course) signed Leah's top-boob then posted it on line?

    Seriously, why does he feel the need to brag about this on twitter? OH, GARY, YOU ARE SURE A BIG MAN!

    He is 25. Not 18. Where is the maturity?

    He has to brag that he is going clubbing (if a Mom does that we think she is an idiot), and just does NOT get what is a good idea to post, and what he should probably stay away from.

    He really is the dictionary definition of dufus, ignorant, immature... The list goes on.

    I wonder how much time Gary spends erasing negative comments from his Twitter and Facebook. Seems to me that everytime he posts there are always comments right under it, basically calling him out, as well as calling him a loser. Wouldn't anyone who isn't a complete dullard learn to be more conscious of what they are posting?

    I mean, there is always going to be some negative feedback, but he just doesn't get healthy boundaries AT ALL.

    I think most of us really wanted Gary to be sucessful - after all, he did step in for Leah.

    It just kills me that he is such a moron. If he is this ignorant with tweets etc - how can he be trusted to make good decisions for Leah?

    There is a saying: "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much" (I believe this is actually from the bible, Luke 16:10). I may not be a "believer", but the message is true.

    Gary has proven that he can not be trusted (to make wise decisions) with the little things.

    How in hell can he be trusted with the bigger things?

  6. Jaime never posts anything even slightly negative about anyone. I think it is significant that she would post about Gary's ill advised tweeting.

    GARY - if you read this, TAKE A HINT AND GROW UP.

    The problem is that even if he changes this one aspect (learns to mind what he tweets) he won't change the root of this behavior.

    And a surface change will not do anyone any good.

    1. I like Gary, I do. I think he is a good dad and everyone I have talked to that knows him well says that he is not exactly how he comes off. He is a decent guy he just tweets some stupid things.

      It's just one of those... shaking my head kind of moments. lol

  7. Oh for GOD SAKES people!!! It's the top of a boob it's not like he is showing a picture with his autograph on the nipple! It's not a big deal!!! I'm female and a mom and don't think it's a biggee! Get a life all! See much worse on the news nowadays!

    1. Exactly right Anon!! That is what I was thinking!!

    2. Anon - you areonly reffering to a single incident. I was referring to the overall pattern of behavior and decision making.

      He has a problem projecting what the consequences of his behaviors/choices/actions are. You are also not looking at his motivation for tweeting that photo (with the caption, "Bitches b crazy :) enjoy").

      It is deeper than just one, isolated event.

      Don't be so short sighted.

  8. I don' think he's used to getting female attention before the show so yes, he's very immature about it all...

    Hopefully he gets over this...

  9. Gray way to go glad to see your having a little fun but remmber that so day your daughter might google you and see that post so just thing on how you will explain its ok to get ur boobs sign but its not ok for you to have sex when most of the time boobs get guys attion and can lead to much more. but as i said as long as your ok with it i not the one to judge you and i hope you are having a great time with your daught and have ing fun read these post great job with the show to all of the cast cant wait to watch you guy

  10. Gary the moron is now posting suggestive tweets such as,
    "Gary Shirley‏@ItsGaryTime

    "Long night last night. But no complaints at all 8 month wait over"

    "Gary Shirley‏@ItsGaryTime
    "Just had the best 30 min of my life"

    I wish that there was a button on twitter that if anough people 'voted' that the person could be bannished from Twitter for ever.

  11. Wow if that dont scream hey ima wh*re i dont no what does!!! Lmfao

  12. If I was his one night stand I would be PISSED that he bragged about it on line. It would make me feel cheap, and used.