Monday, April 2, 2012

Jenelle and Gary are Over... Not

The other day Jenelle played a "prank" on everyone saying that the couple had broken up. That turned out to be untrue and they were telling each other how much they love each other very soon after.
However last night Jenelle started posting things about them breaking up again. Even though it was April Fools Day she says that it is not a joke and they are in fact broken up. 

That's not all... the reason? Gary cheated on Jenelle with her on and off bff Tori!
I don't know Tori or anything but from what I have seen she is just a toxic person who has not had a good effect on Jenelle's life. I don't know why they have tried so hard to be friends the past few years but its just not working out. 

Jenelle also says that Gary said some hurtful things out of anger about trying to make sure Jenelle never gets Jace back. Here is what Jenelle posted to her Facebook Page: 

What is Gary saying about all this? Here are some of his tweets:

So it looks like Gary and Tori are both admitting that they slept together but that it doesn't "count" as cheating because it happened before Jenelle and Gary were officially dating. They just decided to omit that information while Jenelle and Gary were together.
Tori tweeted that she and Jenelle had talked things out so I am sure their friendship will remain in tact... I'm going to guess that Jenelle and Gary will get back together. If they really care for each other and can work past it then that is great if not they should stay broken up. Whichever path they choose I certainly wish Jenelle all the luck!

Jenelle tweeted earlier: "And to actually think i thought u were the one that I was going to marry one day....'" 
Gary tweeted that he was planning to propose to Jenelle on his birthday May 22nd. And that "
My proposal will be unforgettable, planned out, and the best night of her life" 

And now the two are back together and working things out. 
Advice: Give yourself at least 24 hours to resolve the issue and get all the facts before you make it public knowledge what is going on in your life! It will save you a lot of drama! 


  1. The last ph is excellent piece of advice - not just for Jenelle - but for all the teen moms (I think everyone of them has posted rash things). I hope they read this blog.

  2. Has anyone read the parody tweets from @Debra_Bags, @AmberPorkwood, and @Butchdaman? SOOOOO funny! I just about peed myself. Is it the same person writing all three? Does anyone know?

    The only thing that could have made it better is if it was Hamber Porkwood! SOOOOOOOO funny!