Friday, April 27, 2012

Jordan Howard Spills the Beans

Jordan Howard of 16 & Pregnant Season 4 took to twitter during the airing of her episode to defend her family and her man against the outrage of fans about the racism featured in the episode. 
She focused much on Tyler and that he was being a good dad, that he came around and that her mother and he were good buddies. She also stated that she and Tyler were engaged and planning to move out together. She basically indicated that nothing in the episode was true. 

It all sounded a bit crazy to me because we watched things that happened and were hearing something completely different from Jordan. 

Well today her tune has completely changed. Tyler and she must have gotten into another fight. Here are some of her tweets from today:
"Omg Tyler can seriously be hard headed at times"
"Kind of tired of arguing with his dumb dad sometimes."
"Feels like (all) this hard work for a family... Is just going downhill"
"EXTREME UPDATE ALTERT. That whole "360" turn around bullshit.... is no more for anyone."
"Dude... I will move out with or without you. You can live with your mommy forever I really give 2 fxs"
"I'm done being nice"
"Dude seriously Tyler... what happened to steppping up"
"It was a waste trying to fix shit with you... doesn't seem like things are the same between us anymore now..."

I mean it pretty much speaks for itself. The couple one minute are planning to get married, move out and be a family and the next they aren't. I'm guessing that Tyler wasn't ready. Too bad we don't see his side of this. 


  1. He doesn't seem ready to move away from his parents. I know from personal reasons that guys like him (video gamers) are quite content to stay at home and be taken care of by mommy. Not saying ALL gamers do this but from the ones I've known personally (a good 20+) the second the time comes to move out and be an adult they shrink back into their little caves and decide to "better their lives" by getting to level 80 in world of warcraft T_T

  2. I don't think it's him , who wants to be jumped every time they try and see their kid ! It's mostly her and her bitch of a mother. Tyler and his family seem to be way more stable and caring. She seems ungrateful ad would have had tons of help had he not even unwelcome and afraid to come.

  3. I would think that moving out into their own place would be great so they can have a normal daily life as parents. It does make me question if her tweets about her mother not being racist were not so true either. I can understand why she would stick up for her I mean she did look pretty bad. If they never said anything racial MTV wouldn't have been able to make it look that way. I think there is so much more to this story then any of us know.

  4. I think they're both immature. She's no better than he is if she's going to put all of this personal turmoil for Twitter to see.