Friday, April 13, 2012

Kailyn's Dental Assistant Training

Lately I have seen Kailyn talking a lot about what she wants to do with her future beyond Teen Mom. Which is very smart thinking! She mentioned Joining the Military in a tweet and also mentioned opening a baby boutique!  But now it seems she is more on her original plans of becoming a dental assistant. 

When she mentioned this I remembered back to her 16 & Pregnant episode when she visited a college about becoming one. I hadn't heard much about it since then but its awesome to hear that kail is headed in that direction again. It really is a great career path. 

She tweeted that she is doing a 12 week program this summer for Dental Assistant Training. She also tweets: "Yeah, it gives me something to fall back on when the show ends & I'm still in school. It's only 12 weeks & better than minimum wage jobs. :o)"


  1. Kail & Farrah are the only two that i think will be okay when the show ends. And i guess Chelsea now too since she started cosmetolegy school. There is no hope for Maci, Leah or Amber. Jenelle is very smart and if she'd actually let go of the drama i think she could get her degree fairly quickly. I'm not sure what Catelynn is doing?? I know Tyler tweets about college a lot, but i don't know if i've noticed about her. But they don't have a kid either so it's not an issue. And the guys i think Corey and Ryan are the only ones that will be okay when the show ends. They both have a ton of job experience, have a trade or two year degree and have been the only two to keep a job during the course of the show! Jo can't count on a crappy rap career, and who the hell knows about Adam. I wouldn't trust him with anything, let alone a steady job/career. As for Gary, what ever happened to him being like a nurses assistant or whatever?? If he can go back to a real job instead of selling stupid tshirts than he'll be fine, but for some reason, i feel like he's going to be one of the ones using his 15 minutes the longest to avoid working.

    1. I agree for the most part, I think Leah will be fine if things work out with Jeremy, apparently he makes more money then she does. Maci has a rich family and has probably made enough from all these speaking engagements to be good for a while till she feels like going back to school. Amber will probably eventually go back to being a normal person since she is court ordered to get a regular job. Jenelle is going to school at least and I think she will eventually focus on it when all the drama of teen mom goes away. Cate and Ty have been working with their adoption agency so I'm sure they will get into social work of some kind.

  2. Good for kailyn. I think its great they are trying to better themselves