Friday, April 6, 2012

Ryan Finally Moves Out

Ryan Edwards has been living with his parents since the first season of Teen Mom when he moved back in after breaking up with Maci and moving out of their apartment. On April 4th he finally signed a lease and moved into a new apartment! He seems really happy about the change and was excited to have Bentley stay with him in the new place. 

A lot of people like to hate on Ryan and claim that his mother is really the one who watches Bentley when it's Ryan's turn to have him. (Even Maci herself has said this.) However since the beginning of Teen Mom I have seen a big improvement in Ryan and his fathering instinct. I have no doubt he will do great on his own taking care of Bentley. I am as proud as a fan can be of Ryan and wish him, Dalis and Bentley all the luck! 

PS: here is a cute little collage Dalis made Ryan for his new place: 


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for Ryan :)

    I think he's going to file for Joint Custody now too. (Which i'm sure he'll get, he's acting like the better parent lately anyways).

  2. Is Dalis living there too

    1. No she has her own apartment at school