Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Word From Catelynn's Dad

We never really got to see much of Catelynn's dad during the course of Teen Mom but when we did it was clear that they had a special connection. Sadly he lived out of state and hadn't seen Catelynn in years. It looks like that is about to change though, David and his son River are moving back to Michigan and hope to live close to Catelynn and Tyler. 

Today he posted this to his facebook page:

"So i gave my boss 2 months to replace me.River and i are going to move back home to Michigan. We are looking for a place in the town,where Catelynn and Ty live.When we visited a month ago,I knew that it was time to go back home to be close to my Cate,and for River to have his big sister in his life.When we were there,i didn't want to go back to Florida,but we have things we need to tie up,before moving.I have some of the best friends a man could ever want here,and i have family that i love,but it's time to move on.I've been gone from Michigan for far to long.Don't know just where i'm going to find work,or where i'm going to live, just know where i'm going to start over with my son River. I have a lot of good friends still back in Michigan and I have Cate and Ty, so we'll be right as rain.So ya, Daddy's coming home the first part of June!River and i,two stupid dogs,the Beemer and a Uhall. What an adventure.See some people think life is over after a horrible Divorce.I think that life has just Begun.Peace Out!"

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  1. Catelynn is going to love this! They seemed to have a great bond.