Tuesday, May 22, 2012

16 & Pregnant S4 Episode 11 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 11

Devon fell in love with a guy 4 years older than her who had just come back from a deployment in the Army. Now he works a full time warehouse job to pay the bills. Devon is starting senior year while pregnant. Colin moved in with Devon and her family so the house is really crowded. Devon's sister is a teen mom as well. Her daughter is a year old and adorable. At least she will be used to having a baby around and can go to her sister for help and guidance. 

Colin wants to plan for the future and buy a home but Devon is skeptical. So they go ahead and start getting the house ready for a baby. She tries to go to school and push through the awkward stares and feet swelling but it proves to be too much for her. 

Colin considers re-joining the Army to bring in more money for his family.

Devon's water breaks and she starts having contractions so its time for the baby to come! 
And its one of the cutest I have ever seen! 

Colin and Devon have a great relationship and work together well. Colin works full time while Devon takes care of the little one and works on getting her GED. They don't even have time to talk about buying a house or anything. They seem to be doing well though compared to some of the other couples we have seen on the show. 

Devon starts to feel overly crowded and stir crazy. 8 people along with an infant is too much for their small home. Now Colin seems to be more skeptical about buying a new home but they decide to look anyway. Colin is able to get a decent loan for a home, so they get started on their house hunt.

Just when everything seems to be going perfectly Colin gets laid off from his warehouse job. Their plans are put on hold and its one of the saddest moments ever for me on 16 & Pregnant. 

The couple push on and continue trying to better their lives.
Good news: The couple now live in their own place! Happy Ending <3 


  1. I'm disappointed Devon wasn't picked for Teen Mom 3. I feel like her story would be refreshing for the show, considering how well she and her boyfriend get along.

  2. I've got to say that Collin has got to be one of the few dads on 16& pregnant that has stepped it up and provided for his family like a real man should.

    1. I agree! Good job Collin!!

  3. Which is why they are not on Teen Mom 3 unfortunately. People want drama. Its sad but true. She's really pretty too..

    1. Yeah, i agree.... i understand it brings in more ratings, but it's not as motivational to watch as oppose to a teen mom who is actually stepping up and doing what she's supposed to do with or without the baby's father. Only a few have stood out in that way. the rest have only stood out because they've been drama or have gotten in trouble with the law....so sad to see the little kids suffer. They may not be able to speak yet but they are watching how all the bad stuff unfolds right before their little eyes.. :( breaks my heart.

  4. I'm bummed Devon wasn't picked for TM3 as well, she's gorgeous, has a great personality, and seems like a good mom with a responsible partner helping to raise Landon.

  5. Devon seemed very spoiled and hateful to Colin. The eye rolling. The short curt answers. You helped make that baby too sweetie. Grow up before you lose that great guy.