Tuesday, May 1, 2012

16 & Pregnant S4 Episode 7 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 7

Myranda and Eric were together for 3 months before getting pregnant. She was able to move into Eric's grandmother's house and live rent free during the pregnancy. Eric works part time at a dollar store and the two are hoping to live with Grandma when the baby comes. Unfortunately Grandma has other plans. Meanwhile Myranda's mother is not so in the picture because she has some issues with drugs and alcohol. 

Luckily there is a little house just on the edge of Tyler's grandmother's property. It has seen better days and needs a lot of work to get it ready for a baby. Especially since Myranda is trying to study for her GED. 

At the baby shower Myranda's mom was invited and has a little talk with her about rehab and that she is trying to work on things. Myranda agrees to let her in the delivery room when she gives birth. She is skeptical though because she has heard it all before. Then she decides to let her best friend and Eric be the ones in the delivery room.. and now she has to tell mom. 

They get the house all painted and clean and finally move in, just in time. Myranda sits down to tell her mom about having her friend in the delivery room instead of her. She is honest with her mom and tells her that she doesn't want conflict. The conversation hurts both of them and you can tell neither of them want their relationship to be that way. 

Delivery day comes soon after and Myranda gives birth to an adorable baby girl. Kaylee. 
It can be tough being home alone all the time taking care of a baby. Her mom keeps calling but Myranda isn't ready to see her considering she didn't show up for the birth. When she finally does let her mom come over Eric talks her into letting her mom watch the baby while they go out to eat. The trust between them is starting to be built, but it will take a long time for her to really trust her mom 100%.

Myranda and Eric are just scrapping by but hopefully when Eric is finished school he will get a good job and take great care of his family.

Myranda and Eric are engaged and Myranda is writing a book about her life. 


  1. I really liked her. I think she was really mature and normal, Both Myranda and Eric.

  2. Dunno that'd I'd read her book, but I was really impressed by this couple. Especially given their backgrounds. Good for them.

  3. I agree with both of u ~~ Myranda and Eric are so mature for their age and situation. Even by making the choices they have, with their background these 2 are fighters!! Dont matter if Myranda's not a blonde bouncey cheerleader... she is a strong young lady and def seems to have her head on her shoulders correctly... seems she has had to for a long time do to her mothers drug problems... I hope her mother does what she sez she will do by getting clean in rehab.

    Myranda and Eric I hope u keep ur heads on straight and remember to love each other NO MATTER how frustrated u get or how hard it gets... bc those days will come... step back and remember u r a family!!