Monday, May 28, 2012

Best Teen Mom Bikini Moments!

It's officially Summer! Our lovely Teen Mom's sure do love the beach and showing off their bikini bods. I guess that is one upside to having a kid young. Bodies seem to spring back rather quickly... Not for everyone, some have had to struggle with it but come on now... its just unfair how great these girls look! Never the less I thought I would share some of the best Teen Mom Bikini Moments: 

Leah's post divorce Florida Vacation

Maci and Bentley Posing at the pool

Sophia almost pulls out Farrah's boob!

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  1. Has anyone ever seen Catelynn or Chelsea in a bathing suit before? I know we saw Amber wearing one on an epiosde of Teen Mom and we see Jenelle, Maci, Leah, Farrah in bikinis all the time and Kail just recently debuted a picture but i don't think i've ever seen Catelynn or Chelsea.