Sunday, May 20, 2012

Corey Takes the Twins Fishing on a Boat!

Corey Simms and the family went out on a boat to go fishing this weekend. It was their first time on a boat and they seemed to have a blast. These girls are so adorable and Corey is always doing nice things with them. Corey and Jo are the only real fathers on Teen Mom 2 and its refreshing to see. 

Now for the cuteness: 

Daddy of the year! 


  1. aww thats so cute. . it would of been better if corey and leah were still together tho!! and i thank god i have my bby daddy by my side he is the best daddy ever also. .as a teen mom im one of those lucky girls that has her bby daddy by her side

  2. Corey, Ryan, Jo & Gary are all great dads. Ali, Aleeah, Bentley, Isaac and Leah are lucky little kids. Adam should be ashamed that he is such a horrible dad to Aubree.

  3. Corey is one of my favorite dads on the show!! Everyone has their ups and downs but it's hard to understand why anyone would let a guy/husband/father like that go....they are hard to come by these days!