Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teen Mom The Final Season

Teen Mom Season 4 will start on June 12th at 10pm on MTV. It will be the final season for Amber, Maci, Farrah, and Catelynn.

What can we expect to see during this season? 

Maci- This season we will see Maci continue to struggle with college and taking care of Bentley. Ryan's adorable girlfriend Dalis comes into the picture this season and there is conflict between she and Maci. Things also start to get rocky with her relationship with Kyle King.

Catelynn- Of course we will see more of Cate and Tyler's picture perfect relationship and their constant struggle of being parents who placed their child for adoption. The couple graduate in this season. They do get to visit Carly again but it looks like that was not filmed. Tyler has a hard time dealing with his father being in and out of jail and Cate continues to try and work things out with her mom. 

Amber- This season will most likely weigh heavily on Amber's stint in rehab. She was there for several months trying to get a hold of herself. Her "suicide attempt" will be talked about in the show, which I wasn't sure if they were going to address it at all. Amber's story will consist of a lot of drama which is to be expected, but I think some positive changes in Amber will be shown.

Farrah- We will see Farrah move to Florida and deal with life of being a full time mom and not having the daily support of her parents being close by. Maybe we will get to see some of Farrah's business ventures. Farrah did date someone for a while and it looks like we will get to see that relationship too.

I'm really hoping to see an awesome finale. I think I will cry if they do a "16 & Pregnant" ending with them talking to the cameras. Who am I kidding... I am going to cry regardless.

Watch the Teen Mom Season 4 Trailer Here: TM S4 Trailer


  1. i can't wait to see these ladies again

  2. I'm ready to see the final season however it was taped last year and so Mich has happened that everyone has seen and heard about...I'm anxious to see new seasons of teen mom 2 and I'm wondering when the infamous teen mom 3 will air

  3. team farrah and amber

  4. I curious as to why Farrah will be a "full time mom" when she left Sophie with her mom for months after she moved

    1. She left Sophia with her mom for 2 weeks while she moved and got her apartment together.

  5. Oh my goodness, if they did that ending I would die. Seriously. End of an era.

  6. i dnt want it to end

  7. Im on team maci. I cant wait to see bentley.

  8. Firts off Maci is a damn good mother. I dont know how people can judge like their lifes are perect. Anyways best of luck to them in their future.