Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teen Moms and Babies Then and Now!

With the final season of Teen Mom coming up I thought it would be cool to show just how much our favorite teen moms and babies have grown! 

Click the photos to make them larger!:

Teen Mom Season 4 Starts June 12th at 10pm on MTV with 2 back to back episodes!


  1. The girls haven't changed a bit! They're so pretty (:

  2. I'm just going to miss them all and their cute kids.

  3. I think that Amber has changed the most. She has had significant weight loss which now I worry may have not been a healthy weight loss but anyhow, I think she has changed the most. The other girls have just updated their looks with current trends. All are gorgeous! The babies or shall I not call them that now have grown so much. It's funny how you feel like you know them and you've seen them grow up from infants to toddlers. Will miss the show with the girls and the kids.