Monday, May 14, 2012

The Teen Moms Celebrate Mother's Day

Sunday May 13th some of our favorite Teen Moms shared their Mother's Day Plans with us! (Happy Mother's Day by the way to any moms reading this!) 

Chelsea Houska spent the day at the Zoo with Aubrey (and the MTV filming crew). She ended the day by eating sushi which seems to be her favorite meal! 

Kailyn spent her day with Isaac but ended up being exhausted by bedtime. She is so busy all the time. 

Leah and her sister gave their mother a nice framed portrait of them and the twins. Leah seemed to have a more romantic mother's day involving her "lover" Jeremy Calvert and a Jacuzzi! 

Jenelle and boyfriend Gary made dinner for Barbara, Jace and Jenelle's Step-dad. 

Farrah made sure to tweet everyone to tell them Happy Mother's Day but didn't mention what her plans were for the day. I'm sure she had a great day with Sophia. 

Amber spent her Mother's Day in Jail. Today is her 22nd. Birthday too. 

Catelynn celebrated Birth Mother's Day yesterday! 

And Maci spent the day filming for a still unknown reason! Then took Bentley on an overnight road trip. (Most likely to see her boyfriend Kyle who lives far from her.)


  1. "Jenelle and boyfriend Gary made dinner for Barbara, Jace and Jenelle's Step-dad".

    Does this mean that Mike left the Hooters girl and came back to Babsy?!

    1. I think so! A little while ago, Jenelle tweeted a pic that had Jace, Barbara, and Mike in it and it didn't seem like an old pic based on how big Jace is in it :)

    2. I didn't know Babsy & Mike got married. I thought he was just the "booooooyfriend" (as Babsy loves to say haha)

  2. Umm I didnt know leah got braces lol..

    1. Buttt the girls look adorable :)

  3. I know this has nothing to do with this article...but it really doesn't have anything to do with any of the articles...
    Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant from season 2b, is pregnant again! Her son Brody is 2...and she's due in December