Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catelynn Lowell is NOT Pregnant

It's safe to say that there are some mixed messages out there about what's going on in Catelynn's uterus. 
Shortly after a family "friend" sold a story to InTouch magazine about Catelynn being "pregnant" she very quickly printed a story with UsWeekly clearing up the rumor.

Catelynn is NOT pregnant.

The first magazine shown above has bogus quotes from Catelynn that were given by the jerk who sold the story. Believe the second magazine, whose reporter actually spoke to Cate. She and Tyler are  busy focusing on their careers. Right now they are in New Orleans doing some business. Catelynn is still working on loosing more weight and getting healthy. She says that she wants to be married and out of school before having any more kids. 

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