Sunday, June 3, 2012

Corey Caught Being a Guy

Out of no where 16 & Pregnant's Nikkole decided to post screen shots of a skype session she had with Corey way back in Sept. of 2011. Around that time a lot of people were giving her a hard time about talking to Corey fresh out of his divorce with Leah. 

So now... around 9 months later, she decides to post screen shots to her blog... I guess to prove that he was trying to hook up with her. Sadly for Nikkole they don't really prove much. She doesn't look disgusted by the things he is saying and its pretty obvious that she was interested in him too. 

So really.... she just posted a private conversation for the world to see. I think Nikkole just wants to hang on to  that 15 minutes of fame. The guy was single, he can do what he wants and say what he wants. Grown man. Funny that her side of the conversation is conveniently cut out. 

Click the photos to make them larger:

All in all, other then these pictures being a little disturbing to find out that Corey is in fact just like ever other guy on the planet and not just the sweet, dorky, innocent father from Teen Mom... its pretty pointless.


Here is what Corey had to say about all this:
"This is a prime esample why its hard to find a trustworthy and honest girl. You are not innocent #Unbelievable. I'm living and learning and I'm still young. Oh and by the way, you are soooo lucky that I didn't care enough about the situation and that I deleted all of the messages I had a long time ago!"


  1. How stupid can't they just let people live there lives.

  2. What early 20's, single guys don't do that?! It doesn't make him any less sweet and dorky when he's a relationship. That girl needs to get over herself, this isn't a big deal. Corey is still my fave :)

  3. Im glad somebody called her out on this. It was pointless for her to bring up this old drama. She is definately trying to hold onto her fame! Otherwise why wouldn't she have posted these ss back when this all happened! This does not change my opinion about Corey. I think he's sweet, and a great father!

  4. I just don't understand why she would take the screenshots in the first place! I have convos all the time, and it would never even occur to me to take a screenshot, unless she was PLANNING to try to cause drama later on.

  5. Corey: 1 Nikkole: 0

    I don't think this changes anyone's perception of Corey.... however, I think she just shot herself in the foot by posting these. Makes her look like an immature high schooler stirring up drama. And as one poster pointed out, what would be the point of screen capping a convo unless you plan to do something with it down the line. Looks like she has much more growing up to do.