Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did Chelsea & Aaron Break Up Already?

Chelsea was recently happily moved on from Adam and started seeing a handsome guy named Aaron. She tweeted a photo of the two in a lip lock. 

Unfortunately now she has changed her tune tweeting:  "I literally think I'm incapable of having feelings for anyone." 

Adam was reportedly jealous of Chelsea's new relationship and I hope recent events don't discourage her from dating someone new. I think we all would hate to see Chelsea fall back on Adam. The right person is out there Chelsea! Don't give up! 


  1. I don't think Adam is jealous of Chelsea new relationship. He has a girlfriend I do think Chelsea is obession with Adam she will find a great guy. And for some stupid reason she break it off with the guy just so she can back with Adam. Chelsea is her only worst enermy she set up her new relationship to failed chelsea need to find herself. And better herself and try to get over Adam because if she keep this up she will be alone. For a long time

    1. Your comment made my brain hurt. Do better.

  2. I know it was to late to fix the comment what I was trying to said is that Chelsea is obession with Adam. Everytime she meets someone new she always have a real stupid reason for ending it. Chelsea is still in love with Adam for some reason Adam is not in love with Chelsea I honestly think he was never in love with her. Chelsea wil never find a good guy because Chelsea set herself up to failed she never really gave any new guy a chance

  3. I don't think shes obsessed i think shes still torn by the way she still feels bout him...He is the father of her child shes always gonna have feelings for him. And i do think that hes jealous of her new bf...just because he does keep coming back to her so obviously there's still unresolved issues there.....
    Hope Chelsea the best with love! :)

  4. Adam is definitely Jealous.. He keeps coming back to her, and she is forgiving him & giving him chance after chance. Do you know the reason why they broke up Jessica? It doesn't state it on this article. So we can't say that she set up her relationship with Aaron for failure... And we can't say that she left him for some stupid reason.... She is not obsessed with Adam... He is the father of that BEAUTIFUL little girl. Of course she is always going to have LOVE for him, but not be INLOVE with him.... She will find a good guy<3 She will find a MAN (not a boy like Adam) That will LOVE HER FOR HER and Take on a DADDY ROLE for her gorgeous little girl<3
    Good Luck Chelsea!!

  5. i agree with aubre but just cuz she has a kid with him doesnt mean she will always have feelings for him.. she will always have him in her life! I wish chelsea the best in life