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Teen Mom S4 Episode 5 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 5

I know I'm super late with this recap but since this whole dispute with Viacom (preventing us from watching the episode online) I figured I probably should get to it! It will be shorter then what I normally do but the episode really wasn't that eventful anyway. Hope you enjoy. :) 

In this episode Farrah takes Sophia back to Iowa to visit her family. Farrah's sister makes plans to fly back to Florida with Farrah after the visit and check things out for a few days. 
Once she gets to Iowa her parents do that thing they do where they tell her over and over again how much they miss her and ask her over and over if she likes Florida. Farrah gives them attitude about it of course but I kind of understand in this situation. She wants to be looked at as an adult and a good mother and her parents just don't give that to her. It seems more like they are trying to guilt her into wanting to come home. Then to make matters more uncomfortable Debra springs on her that she will be coming to Florida a few days before Farrah's school starts.. and she will be staying with Farrah during that time. She even tells Farrah that she wants Sophia to fly home with her so that they can "share" Sophia. Which as you can imagine didn't go over well. 

The only thing that really happens at all in this episode with Maci is she signs up for classes... again. Every season we see Maci sign up for a ton of classes and end up not going and dropping them. So finally a counselor was able to talk her into taking just 3 classes and see if she can manage that. Maci seems really pumped for school but I don't think things go any differently this semester for her. In real time Maci is not in school at the moment and hasn't been able to finish that 2 year degree she was going for. 

We continue Amber's visit with Gary and Leah. They talk about how they can mend their relationship and Gary does that thing where he always says the wrong thing that gets on Amber's nerves by mentioning her criminal court cases. I have to admit she handled it much better this time. She just rolled her eyes and called him a dork. She didn't seem to boil over with anger like she usually does at little things like that.
It came time for Gary and Leah to leave so Amber jumped on the chance to spend time with Leah and give her a bath before sending her back home. Leah seemed to really enjoy that time and even came running back inside for one last big hug and kiss. You can see that Amber and Leah do have a good mother/daughter relationship, I certainly hope she can mend that and continue to be in her life when she gets out of prison. 

Cate took her grandmother to an adoption sort of counseling session that her adoption counselor also attended. It was basically for women in all stages of the adoption process to talk about how they were feeling and help others understand the process. Catelynn gets a little emotional talking about the day that she handed Carly over to her adoptive parents which in turn always makes ME cry hysterically. 
Afterward though she really seemed proud and happy that she could help other girls in that situation and be a counselor for them. Tyler says sweet things to her and they continue being the cutest couple ever. 

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